Sunday, September 28, 2008

my BUSY weekend PART1

Some weekends start late, some weekends start early, some weekends are sooo busy. This weekend started early and it has been so very very busy. I handle busy very well and I like it better than bored, not busy. Besides this weekend I accomplished some life goals! Yeah for me!
You know, I come from a family of lawyers, so I always wanted to go to law school myself. I have heard so many horror stories about it, I was curious about it. Finally, I got to do the law school thing on Friday. I went to William and Mary School of Law. I did not find anything about it so hard. It was a little scary at first with those two things that looked like 2leggeds in funny clothes, but really law school itself was not bad at all. Nice people around there. They petted me, JD got petted as well. But on the whole, I am not really sure my 2leggeds had to keep going to "law school" for 3 yrs. I did it all on Friday. I walked all over the campus, I met lots of people, I saw everything there and I even got to sniff and taste some big law school binder full of law school papers and stuff. I am ready to be a lawyer. Momma said I need to pass the Bar for that.
So, do any of you know where this Bar thing is? I plan on passing it and getting this goal all accomplished.

Just trying it out....
Juris Doctor 'vie

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