Monday, September 29, 2008

An appeal to 4 leggeds in The DISTRICT

>Hey guys, from all that I hear your 2 leggeds are pretty stressed today. I am going to ask you, the faithful 4 leggeds to step up to the plate and take the lead in de-stressing them.

Force them to look into your eyes, Make them rub your belly.
Make them cuddle. Do whatever it takes to re-humanize them.

The nation needs them to be at their best. We need them to think clearly, think ahead and make unselfish, nonpartisan choices based on long and short term benefits to the nation.
It is a tall order, but we must do something.

So, let's rally. Go force some BP readings down, go remind them of what is decent and important.

For you 4 leggeds, what is at stake is that weekly bag of treats... the chewies, the new collars, the
niceties that make our "bichonnaise"
life style worth living. In case you have not heard, somebody screwed up something and the money machines are empty! Can you believe it?

Go forth and do your magic my 4 legged Friends, we need blue skies again.

thinking patriot

PS. Many thanks to my human sis for the PICS!

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