Friday, September 26, 2008

It CUTS both ways...

Mhhh. I never considered this "option". Did you read it momma? Daddy , did you see this?

See, until now, I have endured when my momma's attentions have been lavished on another.
I have quietly put up with it. I can understand when she pets JD or Wendy. They are family.
But... Spicey, or Snowflake... or that nasty thing Rags... or prissy Asia.... they are NOT family.

Maybe I should go with my human sister to DC and see how she can "accommodate" my needs.
(veiled threat- is it working?)

Ok, that is way harsh. The point is I like it here, I love my family and I don't like it one bit when an outsider tries to interlope. Thinking about it, really the one here most likely to cheat on momma is JD. Have you seen how he acts around two legged females? It is embarrassing. He throws himself on them. He forces them to belly rub him, and he monopolizes them. It is disgusting. Really .

Soooo, momma, as long as I am your favorite, you will be my favorite, ok?

Lets make a deal

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