Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Dolce FAR NIENTE the sweet art of doing NOTHING

Do you think that great naps just happen? Not really. You have to plan them. You have to make them happen. There are some prerequisites. Opportunity, setting, momma's arms, and ability to let go and relax. Nothing just happens. The sweet art of doing nothing is learned, earned and staged.
So, look around you. Do you see a comfy couch? a chair? a settee? Is that the perfect setting? Where is your momma? She desperately needs the excuse of "having to hold you" because otherwise, she is not going to allow herself to take a nap. "Too much to do you"... So, for her sake, act out the part of the loving needy puppy. Cuten up. Corner her, coax her into sitting down. Climb on her, make yourself at home, curl up and surrender to that feeling of safe, comfy, warm intimacy. Let go. Sleeep. I bet your momma will be sleeping as well.
Me, I have got this thing down pat. Sweet Dream. Morpheus + Hypnos make room for two!

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