Friday, September 5, 2008

who is this HANNA?

Who is this Hanna? Momma says Hanna is coming. That meant waking up early, shopping for weird things and cooking lots of things.
And then daddy took away the umbershoots {I forget you call the umbrellas, but they are umbershoots. The shoot closed!) from the deck and around the pool. I guess Hanna doesn't like them?
Momma bought water lots of it. This Hanna must be one thirsty 2legged? 4legged? How many legs does this Hanna have? 3? 7? 42? I am confused.
I went to do errands with Momma, and I tell you - I can smell a storm coming. I was glad we got back before it started to rain. I hope Hanna doesn't mind the rain.
But... just to be clear, I'm not sharing chewies. or toys. or the momma. AND I am not giving up my bed position. (You know, at my house the Wendy get the top on momma's side. I get the middle between momma and daddy and JD gets wherever he wants. Usually he is all over the bedroom.) Hanna is going to have to sleep in the guest room. I am not making room for one more.
Hanna must hate the pool. Daddy shut it off. She is very demanding. I am not sure I like Hanna. And nobody knows why she is coming! Hanna- go away. This Hanna is a lot of work and is NOT a good guest.

I like my routine

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