Saturday, September 6, 2008

post Hanna

What a strange day. But I am grateful. We are all fine and Hanna is going away. The Wendy is rolling around on her back on momma's bed, JD is looking out at the "salad" Hanna left all over our street. It does look like a tossed salad. Messy.

Drats. This means the 2 leggeds will be cleaning up for a bit. On the other hand it is nice to have staff taking care of things. You know, us Bichons in particular, and 4 leggeds generally are not into clean up duties. (Hey cut us some slack... ehmmm no thumbs!)

In our garage, the momma has a large metal shelf with boxes. That whole shelf is our "survival" shelf. Stuff like tents, K-rations, shovels... I personally hope we NEVER ever have to use any of that stuff. In case you have not noticed.... I am a princess. I am no Annie Oakley type. No roughing it for this girl. Condition my air, my water and my hair. Yes, I am high maintenance. I will not apologize for that. I am the result of the evolutionary process. What? Did you think this cuteness was an accident of nature?
So, while I take great comfort in the knowledge that we have a "survival shelf", I take more comfort in the knowledge that I am a princess and that my momma is as much a princess as I am and that she would not "rough it up" one second beyond what is necessary.
Here is hoping for a sunny day tomorrow. I hate to tinkle on wet grass! I hate wet period.
And wet begets mud which begets baths which beget blow drying. I pass.
Dry and cozy is the way to go,

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Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Silvie,
Hanna did not affect us badly here at White Dog Cottage. We never lost power so......
I baked BROWN SQUIRRELS! My unbiased taste testers, (your fuzzy friends here at the Cottage) really liked the cookies.
Tell your momma that they make a delicious potpourri as they smell wonderful: ginger, apples, cloves and cinnamon! MMMMM!

Much love,
Auntie Robin
White Dog Cottage
Suffolk, VA