Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Summer is coming to an end. But really, all this means to me is that it is not blistering hot anymore and the Wendy and I can actually spend a few moments sunbathing without getting all hot. Now we can simply sit enjoying the weather, Or just sniffing the breeze, or maybe looking at the birds. This morning we saw something strange. We saw 2legged kids all gathered on the corner. Then a yellow 4wheeled came and they all went inside it. Does that mean no more sounds of 2legged kids playing balls, or splashing in pools? JD says it happens every year at this time. The 2legged kids go somewhere during the day. Mhhh. strange. JD talks about his time at a doggy day care. He loved it. I have never been, wonder what it is like. But I have been at White Cottage. Probably the same, you think? The Wendy was at White Cottage too, she agrees, it is probably like doggy day care. SHHHH. Is that a squirrel??? Got to go!


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