Wednesday, September 3, 2008


whitedogresq said...

Dearest Baby Silvie,
I have been baking brown squirrel cookies
just for you. I even put ginger in them so that your daddy will not be tempted
to eat them! I hope you will share with JD and beautiful Miss Wendy.

Much love and hugs and kisses,

Auntie Robin
White Dog Cottage
Suffolk, VA

Brown squirrel cookies! :) Auntie Robin!!! Genius I tell you. Good idea about the ginger; let's hope it keeps him away! He loves cookies... I assume the cookies will be ready for Bark in the Park? I am so excited!

Like, who wouldn't relish the thought of biting off squirrel's head? Or its bushy tail.... Or the in between parts! I want to eat one head first, one tail first and one belly first! I want to be eating a squirrel cookie when squirrel is in the garden. Ohh!! The torture!

I must talk to momma about getting a lot of squirrel cookies and freezing some.

Auntie Robin, tell momma I can have as many as I want because you know she measures my food!

[humming to myself] Brown squirrel cookies....ha ha....

Also.... maybe someone (momma) could make me Frisbee Cat cookies? You know, just to be fair.



Quillah said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Baby Silvie,

I know my little munchkin very well indeed.

I have made the Brown Squirrels in two sizes. The larger you can eat bit by bit, and savor bite by bite.

The smaller is to be enjoyed in one lady-like gulp!

Much love,
Auntie Robin
White Dog Cottage
Suffolk, VA