Saturday, February 28, 2009

I give Momma AGITA and Shpilkes

There is my puter work area. My IKEA bed.[I think you pronounce it IKKY... ha ha ha] When I leave it even for a second to go do something, momma said I am giving her Shpilkes.
Look, you can tell I was working! I was blogging! I just stepped away, I even left my headphones and mike 'cause I was coming right back!

So what's with the Shpilkes?

I went to get a nosh. You know, I was feeling peckish. So, I come back with my nibbles and there is the momma. Telling me I need to be more responsible. For what???
Helllooooo! How can I be more responsible?????? Then she escalates, I think. She goes from Shpilkes to how I am giving her Agita.
Ok... I don't know what that is...

If you know what either of those 2 things are, let me in on the secret. She apparently doesn' t like either, but she is forever saying I give them to her. I will stop doing it as as I figure out what they are!

Today, after the puter "incident" I was having a ball making a pillow salad... Fun, you know?
well, Momma saw the salad and .. wham. Instant Agita and Shpilkes. This time she grabbed her chest and really complained when she was picking up the pillows. Killjoy.

Seems to me episodes of "Agita" and "Shpilkes" are always connected to something fun I am doing. Why? I am not sure. Unless, maybe... agita means "I am jealous that you are having fun and I am not!" And Shpilkes must mean....." I want to play too"???


Friday, February 27, 2009

I NEED to tell you...

...that I REALLY REALLY REALLY love going for rides!

vroooom! vroooommmm!

SEMANTICS and evolution

The BBC reports that a computer program has helped identify the oldest English words and it has predicted which words are likely to become extinct.

"I", "we", "two" and "three" are among the most ancient, dating back tens of thousands of years.

Their computer model analyzes the rate of change of words in English and the languages that share a common heritage.

The team says it can predict which words are likely to become extinct - citing "squeeze", "guts", "stick" and "bad" as probable first casualties."
Here is my dilemma. who do I call to edit those words likely to become extinct?

See, I see nothing wrong with the word "squeeze". I like it. It sounds just like what it describes.
"Squeeze", means the squeaky will squeak.
So, keep "squeeze". Likewise the word "guts" is good. I have "guts". Ask momma. I can demand a belly rub after tearing a whole box of tissues. Momma says I have "guts"! And I also love "stick". All of those words have relevance and functionality.

I agree with losing the word bad. I am sick of that one. "Bad" girl... bad..... or as momma says it, wagging her finger "BAAAAAAD" . Ick. She almost sounds like a lamb. So yea, let's lose "bad".

While we are at it, let's clean house. Here is my best list for words that need to be eliminated
"puppy- mills" . Really. It is a misnomer. Those horrid places should be call "puppy death camps".
So let's eliminate that "term of art" which is a pathetic attempt at sanitizing the horrors of what it is... and why not just do away with the whole concept. Get rid of them. Who needs 'em?

If you have a soul, a brain, or a conscience you would not buy from them.... so are we all in agreement? Puppy-mills, words and places, need to be extinct. Done.

dusting my soap box.

Victoria Stilwell to help Shelter 4 legged

Comments (6)
Victoria Stilwell
We're thrilled to announce that Victoria Stilwell, internationally renowned dog trainer and star of the Animal Planet hit It's Me or the Dog, has offered to help one lucky Petfinder pup get adopted.

We've invited Petfinder shelter and rescue group members to send us a description of one of their adoptable dogs who has a behavior issue that could benefit from Victoria's advice.

We'll select finalists, and visitors will be able to vote for their favorite on from March 4-22. The dog with the most votes will be announced on beginning March 25.

The winning dog will get a complimentary telephone consultation with Victoria -- and best of all, when the dog is adopted, his or her new family will also have the chance to speak with Victoria to assist with the pup's transition into the new home.

We will detail the advice and progress here on the Petfinder blog so that more people and pets will benefit from Victoria's positive, reward-based training advice. We're huge fans of Victoria, a longtime pet-rescue advocate, and are delighted that she's lending her expertise to one of our adoptable pets. May the best (worst?) dog win!

Reprinted from Petfinder.

I know this Victoria 2legged. I have seen her on TV! I like her boots. And I like that pouch full of chicken she wears. I have issues. Get her here. I need help.... Mhh wonder what her chicken tastes like.... I am a rescue!

Ok, maybe I was rescued. LeavemealoneIjustwantedsomechickenbits!! Don't try and make me feel guilty... I am already there...

pondering my shame

Thursday, February 26, 2009

DNA, smoking and science

ScienceDaily () -- " Molecular biologists have completely sequenced the first dog genome. Understanding how genetics plays a role in canine diseases could lead to new treatments for diseases shared by humans, such as diabetes, epilepsy and cancer. Breeders could also soon be able to check the purity of pedigrees by sending dogs' cheek swabs to the lab."

Yes, but the bigger news is that genetic mutations that cause common disease such as diabetes, are easier to isolate in 4leggeds and therefore easier to target for cure. And we all share those disease! If they can be targeted in 4leggeds and cured in 4leggeds, 2leggeds benefit as well!

You are welcome.

(Mhh. Back to that breeding reference. Just a thought here. With all this wonderful science, is it not totally stupid to promote indiscriminate breeding? So... why are puppy mills allowed to exist??

On the DNA thingy -- is this why we got all of our mouths Q tipped at every bash? I just thought you all were saving our spit. You know, like you save locks of hair, pictures, first tooth... I mean, my momma has my first collar... and she treasures it! It is too small, it is broken and the dingle bell is chewed up.... but she oohhhs every time she touches it. With that in mind... saving spit sounded reasonable to me.

Also interesting to note
is that ScienceDaily's Feb 10's report on smokers, They are more likely to quit smoking for the sake of their pets' health than they are for their own according to new research.
So, my advice to smokers. Don't. Get a dog. Go to a shelter and pick up a loving companion that motivates you to stop smoking. Besides, really, smoking is stinky.

Ohhh back to the financial pages. Have to keep tabs on that. The price of chewies and all.

Information station

PS... I am
soooooo rocking the glasses!!!!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Biden you HURT me

"While the Obamas have been considering what type of dog to bring to the White House, Vice President Joe Biden went out and got a male German shepherd puppy from a breeder. Biden's grandchildren named the dog Champ." (Sources: ABC News, AP, American Kennel Club)

Hey Mr Biden ever hear of rescue??????

Whatever..... poo on you


I love you too, now give me a CHEWY

As of today, has had more than 7 visitors.

(Note from silvieon2: More like 20,000. Silvieon4 can't count past 7...)

That means that more than 7 of you love me. Awesome. I love you too. Even though we've never met. And some of you still haven't signed the guestbook or left a comment. And you haven't rubbed my belly (yet). I still love you. But you know what I love more than our strange long-distance computer relationship?


I think that, if you sent me a chewy, it would really take our relationship to the next level. I might love you even more.

Imagine if each one of you sent me a chewy. I'd have more than 7 chewies. Yay!

Please send chewies here:

Silvie (the fuzzy one)
123 the pink pillow
the sofa, my house 1234567

Thank you.

Ode to my PINK Pillow

Oh my lovely pink pillow, so fine
so glad you are all mine!

you are soft, so cuddly, so comfy
soooo divine
again so glad you are mine!

you hold me, you relax me,
you snuggle me, you invite me

Oh I want to to give in and close my eyes and sleep

But I don't want to miss this bliss!

Oh for just a minute or two or three..
sweet sweet sleep I fall into thee....

Hey, I know I am no ee cummings, but this is MY ode to MY pillow, don't you dare judge.

I love my pink pillow so very very much.


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MR Rourke gets an OSCAR after all!!!!

Mr Rourke gets an OSCAR after all!!!!

Yipppee!! And this Oscar is wayyy better than that nakkid bald statue thing.

May we suggest his middle name be LOKIson?

The circle of life goes on and another broken heart fills with love again.

Congratulations to Oscar and to Mr Rourke. My love to both.


OSCAR fashion review.

Yes, of course I watched. I don't live in a bubble! (Thank you DVR, it lets me skip all the boring stuff and get to goodies, and freeze frame, and replay... ahh technology!!! I just wish they made the buttons on the remote bigger. Who has paws that small?)

2leggeds and their fashions are amusing, amazing, interesting and admirable.

My pick for amusing: Ms. Tomei. I love her but... all dem pleats! Who played origami with her pretty dress? I want to chew on it. I can't help it, I do. Chewy chewy chewy. Think of all those corners as pillow corners! Oh yum.

Ok contrast that dress with the one worn by Taraji P. Henson. For my gusto, pleats done right. BUT... I still want to chew it.

Amazing? There were dresses that made me wish I had two legs! Viola Davis, Anne Hathaway [but her dress looked itchy] Ms Streep, Tina Fey and Natalie Portman.

Interesting... That cut up dress. The red one. Heidi somebody. Heidi Klum.
It looked like her dress came pre-chewed. Compare that to Virginia Madsen, Now that's the way to do red!
Shout to Ms Klum. EDIT your sparkles. Too much jewelry is not an option, ever. Don't you read my blog?
Obviously you should!

The admirable. Mickey Rourke. Loki girl, you were all over him. What better way to remember you on this night.

PS. he was robbed.

IF I had been invited to attend the Oscars, I would have worn my tiara, something simple, elegant, pink and stretchy. Comfort would have been a prime issue. I hear they serve great food at the post Oscar party and this 4legged would have partieeed. Stretchy and comfortable hides a full tummy.
Hey I would have starved for at least 2 weeks to look thin enough!!!! Nahh, I would have sucked in my cheeks , maybe, and pretended to have starved.

Just my 12 cents worth

More UPdates!

Ziggy in his new forever home! He is looking awesome!!! Dropped the shades, and the lid, but cool just the same with a new ... 007 vibe. Oh I do love bad boys...

{That pic reminds me... of ME!!!! Look!
... Hiiiiiiii Ziggy!!!}

Remember Benny?

Well he is now in foster care waiting for his forever family. And this is what a little loving care has done for that boy!

Tell me some lucky family would not love having him! So where are you Lucky ones????

And EMILY!!!!! Now EMME, that girl found herself a forever home and she is doing FANTASTIC, look!
She is playing house with her brother Snowball.

Mhhhh aint' life wonderful? Rescue rocks!!!!

I hear that they busted another one of those horrid places... you know the breed for greed places... puppy mills. Ick. I also hear that 2 girls will be joining White Cottage from there. Someone needs to tell them that their lives are about to change for the BEST.

Auntie Robin, tell the truth, do you still remember me??

Loving my circle of friends


JAKE's foster mom was kind enough to let us know how JAKE is doing.
He is GREEEEEEAT. Look at that vavavhoom boy! You know how it is, Bichons+pillows=contentment.

I am so looking forward to seeing him at the bash, I have been plotting my outfits!
Mhh wonder if he will have a forever home by then. Ya think?

sending xoxoxox

Monday, February 23, 2009


And this is WHY I love the smell of soap on 2legged hands!

On that same page, lots of interesting stuff! Look it over!

At this rate I am going to need READING glasses!

Sign me, informed

Friday, February 20, 2009


Never thought I would see this day. Really. Today for the first time in my whole life, I am grateful [you hear that? not just glad, but grateful...] the 2 leggeds do not feed me from the table. Usually I get this whole speech from momma about why she does not share... blah blah blah... justifications... blah blah always ending with "and I am scared to death of auntie Robin's wrath." I need to get me some of that wrath, it seems to be handy with momma. Why, you ask? Because momma is on this "healthy" kick and that means she made salad for dinner. A fancy salad, but just the same... a salad. Ick. All green and leafy and carroty etc. etc. She says she made it for the daddy. You really think she still loves him? I can't help wonder why, if she loves that man, really loves him, why does she treat him like a rabbit? Poor daddykins. I am almost tempted to share my grilled chicken and pasta with him. JD says he will share his lamb chop. Daddy, if you are reading this, next time after "healthy dinner", leave momma home, take us for a ride... JD says he will kick some change in toward a burger. :) We could all share it.

sign me carnivore and happy

oooooh I just read Vegeterian Kids from Bermudabluez... this "health kick" is contagious!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I was sent this.... I HAVE to share it

Try JibJab Sendables® eCards today!

The NOSE knows!

The Denver post reports a story about a peanut sniffing 4legged. HOLD IT!

My 2legged sister is allergic to all tree nuts. I need to learn how to sniff them out for her. Mommmmmmma get me alllllll the nuts that my Dowi cannot eat. ALLLLLL of them. I need to sniff and learn and sniff and remember and detect... I have a great nose! I could be a service dog! I would have to be with her 100% of the times. Even when she is at work! Ohhh, this could be really fun. She goes out a lot you know. I will need a new wardrobe, new travel bowl, new collars, new toys...

Mommmma I need to get trained, call auntie Robin, I need phone numbers! STAT!

How can I ever be a hero if these 2leggeds don't give me an opportunity???



Editorial from momma who makes me put earmuffs on any time she says the word vick...

Falcons seeking to trade rights to Michael Vick

02:56 PM EST on Friday, February 13, 2009

Associated Press

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. (AP) -- Atlanta general manager Thomas Dimitroff says the Falcons will try to trade the contract rights on Michael Vick to another team.

In an interview that appeared on the team's website on Friday, Dimitroff said, "With regards to Michael Vick, we've decided to seek a trade of his contractual rights to another NFL club."

Also Online

Falcons Website Michael Vick section

Vick, a Newport News native, is in federal prison on felony charges related to dogfighting and is scheduled to be released in July.

Vick has a contract that runs to 2013 and calls for him to receive a base salary of $9 million and a bonus of $6.43 million in 2009. The remainder of the contract is worth $45.11 million, with another possible $3 million in Pro Bowl bonuses.

In that interview, Dimitroff also said, “We obviously have not had any discussions yet, but we think some teams might be interested in exploring a trade. If, for any reason, we are not able to complete a trade, we will re-evaluate our position and make the decision that is in the best long-term interest of our football team.”

"We feel a trade is the best move for the Falcons, and it's also in the best interest for Michael," Dimitroff said. "This has been a really unique situation from a variety of standpoints and because we will actively be involved in a trade situation, I don't envision our organization speaking any more about this subject publicly until it's reached a resolution."

The Falcons made a move last year for a quarterback, taking Boston College's Matt Ryan as their first round draft choice. He was last year's rookie of the year after leading the Falcons to the playoffs.

(Copyright 2009 by The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved.)

NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY.... I COULD NEVER PAY TO WATCH that man PLAY! I suggest the Falcons trade him to a Siberian Team... or maybe a team in Mars. Really is there an NFL franchise out there that can handle this liability? Can any team afford to have a player that makes one's stomach turn and go queasy?... I mean I see that face and all can think about is the horror and pain and death he caused. Nuff said.

NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY... you cannot sanitize this away!!!

BTW, here is some good news on the Pitt Bulls recovered .

Thank you Silvie for allowing me to vent. I apologize for that card, but you know me. I see Bichons, I see nothing else. I am sorry.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Loki - R.I.P.

Martin Luther King said, "The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy."

What is the measure of a dog?

Loki, companion to actor Mickey Rourke, remained by Mr. Rourke's side through his highest highs and lowest lows. Ever faithful, ever loyal, Loki gave her 2legged comfort, hope, love, and much joy. She was always there for him and unwavering in her support. Mr. Rourke recognized his 4leggeds in his Golden Globes acceptance speech. In his interview with Barbara Walters, Mr. Rourke credited his 4legged companions with helping him through the darkest of all times, when all else was gone.

Loki, the measure of a dog lies in the amount of love she gives. And you gave so much.

You were there for your 2legged ALWAYS, and Mr. Rourke made sure the world knew that. Your life had meaning and purpose. You are missed and will always be loved.

Mr. Rourke, our condolences. We understand your loss and your pain.

One a personal note, Loki, I will think of you every time I lick up some capuccino foam!

Silvieon4, JD and Wendy

Scooby Dawg

This is Scooby Dawg. He is my now favorite toy. Momma is making a big deal out of his missing dot eyes. They peeled off! But they would not stick back on, I love him just the same. Now she is fussing over his "pillow corner"like ears! They are delicious. And I am giving him antennas. So why the fuss???? I love him as he is.
Momma, let it go!!!

Loving my "dawg"

Monday, February 16, 2009

Maw and Paw Kettlebichon?

Wendy and JD , or a better description....
"SUFFERING Wendy and JD"

glad I was NOT there

winner STUMPs out ageism at WESTMINSTER

2leggeds are obsessed with age.

Honestly. One of the first question asked whenever we are out in public is, "How old are your dogs?"

So, why does that matter? Maybe I am a wee bit touchy because being the youngest I am always referred to as the "baby" and I AM NOT A BABY!

I have been trying to understand why age is an issue. Is my big brother JD less of a dog because he is 5? He is a heart breaker. Ask momma. She calls him that all the time.

See? He is really handsome.

So really why the age fixation?

Does being older make you a lesser being?

Does age make you disloyal, less loving, less caring, less attached, less attractive?

Personally I do not pick my 2leggeds based on age. Trust me on this, there are many small 2 leggeds whom I avoid simply because they seem unpredictable. But that personal bias aside, I don't see how age is a detractor.

An older 4legged has been around. Knows the score. Is grateful to be in a loving home, bonds with his family because they are his family. I am told that many "older" 4leggeds are not adopted simply because of age. Really. How sad.

Can I point something out to all 2leggeds? In 1877, two leggeds created a "Show of dogs" in New York city. That social event evolved in what you now call the Superbowl of dogs. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Forty 2legged judges. Seven groups of dogs [again your obsession with cataloguing... organizing] Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non Sporting and Herding. Entries are limited only to AKC Champions. Supposedly this ensures that only the very best dogs in America compete.

[snort.... ha... if only that were true. The fact is that this whole competition only measures those in it. Some us are the best dogs and choose NOT to compete! I like to think I have evolved way past the Bichon circus performer days... Or as JD says, "No dog and pony show for me!" ]

35.000 live spectators, 4.6 million television viewers [ obviously they are only counting 2leggeds viewers....] witnessed the event this year. The top honor at this "Superbowl of dogs" is the Best in Show award. A best in show winner must receive top honors from the Breed Judge, the Group Judge and the Best in Show Judge. [Complicated humans!] What does this have to do with age? Ha. Guess, just guess how old this year's Best in Show winner is????? Stump, a 10 year old Sussex spaniel was this year's best in show winner. Congrats Stump.
10 years old.... or as you 2 leggeds would retort... 70 in human years [like that matters!]

So... by your own standards... by your own definitions... by your own rules... an older dog is the BEST dog.

Do I need to say anymore America????

Looking forward to my peak at 10!
I am going to be incredibly gorgeous!!!!!!


Sunday, February 15, 2009

Somebody OWES us an APOLOGY!!!!

Love the image. What's there NOT to love? Two beautiful Bichons, just hanging out.

The caption???? ICK. Horrid. Vile. Untrue. Inaccurate. Offensive. So NOT PC!
Unfunny. NOOOOO redemption. And here comes the worst... momma bought that card.
She did. The inside said something stupid, "elegance we may not have... friendship we got..."

First of all, I don't know a single Bichon that drinks out of a toilet. Ick. Let alone a public toilet. Double Ick. I have my own travel bowl and I like my water filtered and iced.

Second... No Bichon could reach a toilet [not that we would!] to drink.

Third, if your Bichon is actually desperate enough to drink out of a toilet you are a failure as his or her owner.

Fourth. Give me a break. Such stereotypical drivel....

Fifth. Momma until you apologize to me, I will take my water freshly poured with an ice cube and a slice of lime. And no kisses from me.

sign me
hurt 'vie

Saturday, February 14, 2009




Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. ~Author Unknown


Can I be YOUR Valentine?


Friday, February 13, 2009

More food recall ISSUES and SAFE alternatives

More bad news accumulates in the dog food industry. Chicken treats are my favs. Imagine my horror when I read Lacie's website!

For all of you who love 4leggeds like me, please please please... the solution to all the pet food recalls is easy! HOME MADE.

My momma gave you the recipe to make chicken tenders! Remember? It was in a post titled BYTE THIS.

We showed you how yummy they are in a post titled NIRVANA.

Honestly they are so easy to make, pretty please with sugar on top, pleaaaase make some?
Hmmm Momma, are we running low? You know the recipe... Come on. they are cheap, healthy and delicious, and THEY HAVE NEVER BEEN RECALLED!!!!

I will take mine in a heart shaped box, thank you so very much.



JUST SAY IT....anyway you can SAY IT often, say it OUT LOUD, say it in the morning, say it in the evening, say it ...NOW!

Afrikaans Ek is lief vir jou Albanian Te dua Arabic Ah’bika [to a man]
Ah’bik [to a woman] Armenian Yes qez sirum em Assyrian Kedamtookh brikhta Azerbaijani Men seni sevirem Bamougoum Guo me ye te Bangladeshi Ami tomake valobashi Basque Maite zaitut Belarussian Ya tabe kahayu Bemba Nalikutemwa Bengali Aami tomaake bhaalo baashi Bosnia Volim te Bulgarian Obicham te Cambodian Soro lahn nhee ah Cantonese Ngo oi ney Catalan T'estimo Cheyenne Ne mohotatse Cornish My a'th kar Corsican Ti tengu caru [to a man] Ti tengu cara [to a woman] Creole Mwen renmen w Croatian Ja te volim Czech Miluji tě Danish Jeg elsker dig Dutch Ik hou van jou English I love you Esperanto Mi amas vin Estonian Ma armastan sind Ethiopian Afgreki' Faroese Eg elski teg Farsi Tora dost daram Filipino Mahal kita Finnish Minä rakastan sinua Flemish Ik zie oe geerne French Je t'aime Gaelic Ta gra agam ort Georgian Mikvarkhar German Ich liebe Dich Greek S'agapo Greenlandic Asavakit Gujarati Hoo thunay prem karoo choo Hawaiian Aloha wau ia oi Hebrew Ani ohevet otcha [woman to a man] Ani ohev otach [man to a woman] Ani ohev otcha [man to a man] Ani ohevet otach [woman to a woman] Hindi Hum Tumhe Pyar Karte hae Hopi Nu'umi unangwa'ta Hungarian Szeretlek te'ged Icelandic ég elska þig Indonesian Aku Cinta Kamu Irish Taim i' ngra leat Inuit Negligevapse Italian Ti amo Japanese Ai shiteru Kannada Naanu ninna preetisuuttene Khmer Oun Srorlanh Borng [to a man]
Borng Srorlanh Oun [to a woman] Kimeru Ninkwendete Konkani Hanv Tuzo Mog Kortam Korean Tangsinul sarang ha yo Kurdish Ez te hezdikhem Lao Koi hak jao Latin Te amo Latvian Es tevi milu Lebanese Bahibak Lithuanian Aš tave myliu Luxembourgish Ech hun dëch gaer Macedonian Te sakam Malayalam Njan ninne premikkunnu Malaysian Saya cintakan mu Maltese Inhobbok Mandarin Wo ai ni Mohawk Kanbhik Maori Kei te aroha au i a koe Marathi Maaze tuzhyavar prem ahe Moroccan Kanhebek Navaho Ayor anosh'ni Norwegian Jeg elsker deg Persian Man ashegheto hastam Pilipino Mahal kita Polish Kocham Cie Portuguese Amo-te Punjabi Mai taunu pyar karda Romanian Te iubesc Russian Ya tyebya lyublyu Samoan Ou te alofa ia te oe Serbian Volim te Setswana Ke a go rata Sindhi Maa tokhe pyar kendo ahyan Singhala Mama oya'ta a'darei Sioux Techihhila Slovak Milujem Ťa Slovenian Ljubim te Somalian Waan ku gealahay Sotho Ke a o rata Spanish Te amo Swahili Nakupenda Swedish Jag älskar dig Swiss German Ich lieb Di Tagalog Mahal kita Tahitian Ua here vau ia oe Taiwanese Wa ga ei li Tamil Naan unnai kadhalikiraen Telugu Nenu ninnu premisthunnanu Thai Chan rak khun [to a man] Phom rak khun [to a woman] Eritrean / Tigrinya : "Afkireki" (as said to a female) "Afkireka" (as said to a male) Tunisian Ha eh bak Turkish Seni seviyorum Turkmen Men seni söýýan Ukrainian Ja tebe kokhaju Urdu Mai aap say pyaar karta hoo Uzbek Men sizni sevema Vietnamese Aim ew ang [to a man] Ang ew aim [to a woman] Welsh Rwy'n dy garu di Xhosa Ndiyakuthanda Yiddish Ikh hob dikh lib Yoruba Mo ni fe Zulu Ngiyakuthanda I love you in Klingon is Qabang.

SAY IT!!!!


Finally! My SIGNATURE look

Simple, elegant. easy to wear and quite fitting of my station.
A sweet tiara, because there is no denying that at heart I am a princess.
So. why fight it? Go with the flow, I am to the manor born, it feels right.


Thursday, February 12, 2009


Emily from Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue adopted her forever family! Ehmm I am sure they think it's the other way 'round. 'Tis not. They are joining Bichon living and I know Emily will have a wonderful time training them.

So many new experiences ahead for them!. Emy, just sharing my wisdom, lavish the kisses and let them pet you a lot. It is how 2 leggeds bond.

Happy for you both, 2 and 4 leggeds, what a wonderful Valentine's Day for both of you!

See you at the BASH!!!! APRIL 18, 2009 NOON TO 5. Bring all your humans!


Stll working on my signature LOOK

What do you think? Given my beautiful white coat, I thought maybe, for spring, I would try a floral look.
I found this art deco piece. Lots of floral, lots of color.

It is heavy. It is busy.

No- It is just NOT ME!

frustrated me

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trying to find my SIGNATURE look

Gigi's gradmama had lots of sparklers. You know, jewels. I am trying to find a look that will instantly define me. Jewelry is a great way to do that... so I am trying something here... Black, mhh it shows up well against my white curls.... It is definately not a timid look, but then again, I AM NOT TIMID!

Too loooong.... Have to drape it I think.

Better. Looking at myself in the mirror. Using "the" critical eye... Coco Chanel said you need to know how to edit your look.


I like the color....

I like the boldness of it.....

LOOOOOOOVE the black bow...

BUT, it is NOT me.

It just feels akward. Don't you think so?

No- this is NOT my look.

It's a tad too too...

Well back to the armoire.

Fashion is WORK
and I am just toiling away


Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carrots and DIAMONDS

With Valentine's Day coming. the talk at my house is all about jewelry.
Momma loves that stuff. She even made me watch GIGI again {not GIA} because there is a whole bit about jewelry and dipped pearls and diamonds and topaz... and there is a lot of singing about jewelry. Watching that movie makes momma happy, so... I pay attention and I hope to learn something useful.

So far I have learned that the 4 Cs are very very important in diamond selection:
1]Clarity, 2]Color, 3]Cut and 4] Carrots. Number 4 has me stumped.

This "diamond" has 1 through 3.... but I see no ... carrots in there, so it must be no good... Just for my own edification. Where does one find the carrots in a diamond?