Friday, February 6, 2009


I got to watch the news last night with my momma. Normally after the first few sentences, I just tune out and truly, really, honestly I am only there for the belly rubs. A distracted momma will give endless great belly rubs. But. Last night something caught me by surprise. Have you heard of this??? This human made millions selling PET ROCKS. A PET ROCK. No I swear I heard it correctly. PET ROCK. Yea, really... PET ROCK. Can you believe that? 2leggeds!

Just to be sure, I had to sit up and listen. To my best understanding [and I am no dummy], 2leggeds bought rocks, and gave the rocks, love, attention, shelter, and...names. If you are still reading this, yes I am talking about hard, inanimate objects. While I understand a geologist might find rocks incredibly fascinating... For the rest of the 2leggeds I would love to know what a rock can do for you to earn your love, devotion... etc...
[I can't believe I am really asking that question!]Why would anyone buy a rock?
I must see hundreds of them every day on my walks... they are just there... for free.

The utter absurdity of the whole concept really caught me by surprise. There are shelters filled with the sweetest loving companion animals literally dying to be adopted... but some 2 leggeds bought PET ROCKS???

Trust me on this. No rock is a pet. If you think a rock can be a pet, you need a reality check.

I am just besides myself.

Sign me... stunned

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bichonpawz said...

We can't believe it either 'vie! I am very glad that my mom rescued LadyBug or who knows where she'd be living!! It was pretty hard getting used to her being EVERYWHERE I wanted to know...gettin' in my stuff and everything, but after almost a year...we are getting pretty used to being together. Hugs from us! Chloe the Bichon Frise in NY (and sister Lady...who is still learning the ropes)