Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More UPdates!

Ziggy in his new forever home! He is looking awesome!!! Dropped the shades, and the lid, but cool just the same with a new ... 007 vibe. Oh I do love bad boys...

{That pic reminds me... of ME!!!! Look!
... Hiiiiiiii Ziggy!!!}

Remember Benny?

Well he is now in foster care waiting for his forever family. And this is what a little loving care has done for that boy!

Tell me some lucky family would not love having him! So where are you Lucky ones????

And EMILY!!!!! Now EMME, that girl found herself a forever home and she is doing FANTASTIC, look!
She is playing house with her brother Snowball.

Mhhhh aint' life wonderful? Rescue rocks!!!!

I hear that they busted another one of those horrid places... you know the breed for greed places... puppy mills. Ick. I also hear that 2 girls will be joining White Cottage from there. Someone needs to tell them that their lives are about to change for the BEST.

Auntie Robin, tell the truth, do you still remember me??

Loving my circle of friends


Honeygo Beasley said...

Silvie has a cute circle of blessed friends in forever homes. Thanks for the PUPdates!

silvieon4 said...

Ohh I love that! PUPdates! May I borrow it?