Thursday, February 5, 2009

SHE insisted!

First of all let me preface this post. This post was NOT my idea. Momma was soooo unhappy about my last post she asked to be given a chance to respond. On behalf of 2leggeds, everywhere... supposedly. So, I am letting her. It is easier than putting up with her pouting. Here goes it:

"Silvie, your last post was not my favorite. Just for the record the word is "idiosyncrasy" No T .. no idiot... no crazy. While I understand that from your point of view, we 2leggeds are somewhat odd in our behavior, let me assure you that everything we do has meaning. Even what appears odd. For example, makeup is not dirt. It is intended to make us look and feel better about ourselves. It replaces moisture that is lost. Do you want me to look old and weathered?
The same way I take time to groom you and fluff you, I take time to make myself presentable. I don't need to defend that. In your Tootsie post, you told us humans to "step it up"... I am doing just that!
Gas stations. Pay attention. We stop there because without gasoline [gas =gasoline], the car does not function. Without gasoline it does not move and we all know how much you love going on rides. Maybe next time you want to get out of the cozy warm car bed and help me pump gas or maybe pay for it???

Don't be so judgmental.
Games like Wii and monopoly are fun. Just like your tug of war games are fun. How about you being a little less egocentric and a little more tolerant? After all do I question why you have to blitz?

I think you get a lot of massages, and holding and belly rubbing. Do not begrudge my grooming time. I love you very much even though you are high maintenance.

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bichonpawz said...

Hey Silvie! Chloe & Lady here!! Could you ask your 2-legged a question for us?? Our mom is wondering where she got those squeakers to put in your stuffies. Thanks!!! Hugs from us! She can reach us at jpursell at rochester.rr DOT com