Thursday, February 19, 2009

The NOSE knows!

The Denver post reports a story about a peanut sniffing 4legged. HOLD IT!

My 2legged sister is allergic to all tree nuts. I need to learn how to sniff them out for her. Mommmmmmma get me alllllll the nuts that my Dowi cannot eat. ALLLLLL of them. I need to sniff and learn and sniff and remember and detect... I have a great nose! I could be a service dog! I would have to be with her 100% of the times. Even when she is at work! Ohhh, this could be really fun. She goes out a lot you know. I will need a new wardrobe, new travel bowl, new collars, new toys...

Mommmma I need to get trained, call auntie Robin, I need phone numbers! STAT!

How can I ever be a hero if these 2leggeds don't give me an opportunity???



Anonymous said...


I would love for you to live with me! I'll even take you to a place where they do nothing but foam milk for cappuccino.

I'll get all the stuff you need (toys, outfits, etc.) -- no need to bother momma. In fact, she is super busy right now, so let's just keep this little move between us.


silvieon4 said...

Live with you? Can't I just go to work with you and you bring me home every night? I mean... I can't move. I have to think about the Wendy and JD and momma and daddy... Besides, silly girl, this is HOME- FOREVER home! You come home too.


silvieon4 said...

PS. Please don't feel bad. And if it makes you feel good, you can still buy me all that new stuff and I always love cappuccino foam!!