Monday, February 16, 2009

winner STUMPs out ageism at WESTMINSTER

2leggeds are obsessed with age.

Honestly. One of the first question asked whenever we are out in public is, "How old are your dogs?"

So, why does that matter? Maybe I am a wee bit touchy because being the youngest I am always referred to as the "baby" and I AM NOT A BABY!

I have been trying to understand why age is an issue. Is my big brother JD less of a dog because he is 5? He is a heart breaker. Ask momma. She calls him that all the time.

See? He is really handsome.

So really why the age fixation?

Does being older make you a lesser being?

Does age make you disloyal, less loving, less caring, less attached, less attractive?

Personally I do not pick my 2leggeds based on age. Trust me on this, there are many small 2 leggeds whom I avoid simply because they seem unpredictable. But that personal bias aside, I don't see how age is a detractor.

An older 4legged has been around. Knows the score. Is grateful to be in a loving home, bonds with his family because they are his family. I am told that many "older" 4leggeds are not adopted simply because of age. Really. How sad.

Can I point something out to all 2leggeds? In 1877, two leggeds created a "Show of dogs" in New York city. That social event evolved in what you now call the Superbowl of dogs. The Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show. Forty 2legged judges. Seven groups of dogs [again your obsession with cataloguing... organizing] Sporting, Hound, Working, Terrier, Toy, Non Sporting and Herding. Entries are limited only to AKC Champions. Supposedly this ensures that only the very best dogs in America compete.

[snort.... ha... if only that were true. The fact is that this whole competition only measures those in it. Some us are the best dogs and choose NOT to compete! I like to think I have evolved way past the Bichon circus performer days... Or as JD says, "No dog and pony show for me!" ]

35.000 live spectators, 4.6 million television viewers [ obviously they are only counting 2leggeds viewers....] witnessed the event this year. The top honor at this "Superbowl of dogs" is the Best in Show award. A best in show winner must receive top honors from the Breed Judge, the Group Judge and the Best in Show Judge. [Complicated humans!] What does this have to do with age? Ha. Guess, just guess how old this year's Best in Show winner is????? Stump, a 10 year old Sussex spaniel was this year's best in show winner. Congrats Stump.
10 years old.... or as you 2 leggeds would retort... 70 in human years [like that matters!]

So... by your own standards... by your own definitions... by your own rules... an older dog is the BEST dog.

Do I need to say anymore America????

Looking forward to my peak at 10!
I am going to be incredibly gorgeous!!!!!!


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