Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Trying to find my SIGNATURE look

Gigi's gradmama had lots of sparklers. You know, jewels. I am trying to find a look that will instantly define me. Jewelry is a great way to do that... so I am trying something here... Black, mhh it shows up well against my white curls.... It is definately not a timid look, but then again, I AM NOT TIMID!

Too loooong.... Have to drape it I think.

Better. Looking at myself in the mirror. Using "the" critical eye... Coco Chanel said you need to know how to edit your look.


I like the color....

I like the boldness of it.....

LOOOOOOOVE the black bow...

BUT, it is NOT me.

It just feels akward. Don't you think so?

No- this is NOT my look.

It's a tad too too...

Well back to the armoire.

Fashion is WORK
and I am just toiling away


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