Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Carrots and DIAMONDS

With Valentine's Day coming. the talk at my house is all about jewelry.
Momma loves that stuff. She even made me watch GIGI again {not GIA} because there is a whole bit about jewelry and dipped pearls and diamonds and topaz... and there is a lot of singing about jewelry. Watching that movie makes momma happy, so... I pay attention and I hope to learn something useful.

So far I have learned that the 4 Cs are very very important in diamond selection:
1]Clarity, 2]Color, 3]Cut and 4] Carrots. Number 4 has me stumped.

This "diamond" has 1 through 3.... but I see no ... carrots in there, so it must be no good... Just for my own edification. Where does one find the carrots in a diamond?

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