Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I love you too, now give me a CHEWY

As of today, has had more than 7 visitors.

(Note from silvieon2: More like 20,000. Silvieon4 can't count past 7...)

That means that more than 7 of you love me. Awesome. I love you too. Even though we've never met. And some of you still haven't signed the guestbook or left a comment. And you haven't rubbed my belly (yet). I still love you. But you know what I love more than our strange long-distance computer relationship?


I think that, if you sent me a chewy, it would really take our relationship to the next level. I might love you even more.

Imagine if each one of you sent me a chewy. I'd have more than 7 chewies. Yay!

Please send chewies here:

Silvie (the fuzzy one)
123 the pink pillow
the sofa, my house 1234567

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Dear Silvieon4;
We are cousins and really closer as we both came from Auntie Robin's White dog cottage.
My name is Albert and I love you! I cannot wait to meet you on April 18 at the Bash. You are so pretty and my mommy and I love reading your blog. It makes us so happy to know you are as happy as our other cousins who all lived with Auntie Robin.
See you soon,

silvieon4 said...

My dearest Albert! I can't wait to sniff you out at the Bash. I am making the momma prep some chicken jerky treats for us 4leggeds. She is doing that cheesecake, meatballs, stuff for "them". Make sure you find me and make sure you find momma as she will probably insist on passing out the jerky treats in exchange for licks and cuddles. She is an emotional blackmailer sometimes...
Also, I talked her into getting a bunch of pillows like my pink one for the rescue to sell. If you do not have one, make sure your momma gets you one, They are the best!