Saturday, February 7, 2009

I am HUNGRY is my din din ready yet????

Heyyyyy I am hungry!!!!

Is that my lamb I am smelling?

No, momma, put away that camera.

I am NOT posing.
I will NOT cooperate.

Fine, I will ignore you and you will live with fuzzy pics.

I am focusing on daddy. He is THE man. He is making my dinner. He gets it. I am hungryyyyy.

Mhh grilled lamb! YES! Dinner is almost ready.
I am not going anywhere, come on, I am waiting...
Oh yuh, finally! Put that bowl down... yuhhhhh.

Daddy this is delicious.
Even the carrots are good!

Thanks dad. Now I am ready to go for a ride!

No wonder I am daddy's girl

1 comment:

bichonpawz said...

Sooooooooo, sooooooo cute!!! Hope it was good!! Hugs from Chloe & Lady in NY