Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I am ready for my close up!!!!! Come on!


Come on, this is a good spot,  you do have a card in the camera, right?

Check the light woman, I hate shadows under my eyes....

Too face on? Want me to tilt my head?

Ok, is this better?   Little teeth, slight tilt.... Smiling eyes, sparkle ON oh yea, I can feel it, it's a good picture!
The camera loves me as much as I love the camera!

No, I have no idea what a ham dog is!

[singing to herself, I feel pretty , oh so pretty....]

Leather up for TASTY TUESDAY!

4 c. pureed fruit
2-4 tbsp. honey (optional)
1/2 tsp. cinnamon

In a blender, puree fruit which has been washed and pitted but not peeled.

Cheat at this point and cook down the fruit to make a thick fruit sauce.
It should coat the back of a spoon without running off.

Cool it down.

Place plastic wrap on a cookie sheet with sides. (I wet the edges of the cookie sheet so plastic wrap will stay in place.)

Pour 2 cups fruit mixture on each cookie sheet. Makers 2 trays.

Place in oven at 150 degrees (or lower, depending on your oven) for 8-10 hours.

When fruit is dried to leather consistency, roll up fruit and tear off to eat.

ok we would have had pictures of it, but .... it was a long hurricane and we ATE IT!

Cheapo serves one inch rolls. I think they would be better as 3 inch rolls.


Sunday, August 28, 2011

She is gone

Irene is finally gone. She left a tossed salad in the pool. Lots of broken tree limbs and branches and frayed nerves. For the most part, we just waited her out. Today, the back yard was a mess, the pool was a mess, and long after Irene left, we lost power and had to use the generator. Now that is one noisy thing. But at this moment, the pool is clean, the yard is free of broken tree limbs and momma and daddy are pooped and finally chilling. Power is back on. Phewwwww. Storms are just not fun.

Thursday, August 25, 2011












This is what sadness and grief look like

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mommmmmmmaaaaa can we have some of these?

Senior dogs and adoption and The senior dogs project

“Grow old along with me! The best is yet to be, the last of life, for which the first was made. Our times are in his hand who saith, 'A whole I planned, youth shows but half; Trust God: See all, nor be afraid!'” Robert Browning

Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue is often the only chance at a new life an older Bichon has.  I have watched how hard auntie Robin has worked to educate the public out there as to why an older Bichon is very often the ideal companion.  So many misconceptions out there, even about something as simple as the definition of an "older" dog.  It is somewhat stupid to call an 8 year old Bichon a "senior" since with proper care he will live to 16-17 even 18 years. At 8 he is at best middle aged, hardly senior. {JD really gets POed at that one!}

Over the years, lots of conversations have taken place about the wisdom and lack thereof, in the placement of puppies with older two leggeds.  I am who I am.  I am a Bichon. I will go ahead and say this and if it offends someone, so be it. If you are an older two legged, getting a puppy is NOT the right thing to do.  Do the math.  If your prospective dog is likely to outlive you... be fair. Be real. Be kind. Don't adopt that puppy. You are only going to make that puppy an orphan that will end up in rescue IF it is lucky.  From a practical point, the cuteness of that puppy will wear off quickly when you realize that you do not have the energy to keep up with that play, chew, poop machine. Assuming you survive the puppy teething stage, how fair is it to that ball of energy that his or her new owner can't play with or exercise that dog for lack of energy?That puppy is not right for you anymore than that string bikini or speedo are...

Look around, I bet that near you there are at least 10 "senior" dogs in need of rescue.  So, are you a youth vampire [which by the way, does NOT work... in fact, next to a puppy you look even older!!!!]  or are you a real human being? Be real. Open your heart and home, welcome a senior dog. That senior dog has wisdom that comes from experiences, it has insight that comes from observation, it has gratefulness and loyalty that come from having lost a home.

Dawson Quincy, Frisco, all wait for adoption. If you are in Tidewater VA, or within 100 miles, do it, give yourself the gift of love, adopt one of those wonderful boys. If you are outside the 100 mile radius, go here: http://www.srdogs.com/Pages/needhomes.intro.new.html

Just think unconditional love has the greatest rewards.


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I feel the earth....

Oh wait, that was real!

Auntie Cuckoo Chanel, that was just too good not to steal and post. Be flattered.
To the rest of my buds, Whoaaaaaaa that was some shake-n-bake!!!!

Everyone ok?

Grilled lamb and smart farfalle.

In keeping with Tasty Tuesday, one of JD's fav din dins.  Grilled lamb chop served with "smart" pasta, low carb/high protein pasta.  Now JD is a farfalle aficionado. He likes Barilla, cooked for 11 minutes. [ He is a drama queen ] No other pasta will do. So, we humor him.  The assembly of this meal is very easy. Cook the pasta  per package direction, drain, cool.  Grill a lean center cut lamb chop that has been trimmed and seasoned very lightly with salt. Cut it in small perfect bites. Plate and serve.  This dinner is usually served when lunch has included some serious green and orange foods. [something about balance... I dunno]. Oh did you notice that the lamb is cooked medium rare? I like mine a little more well done.  Wendy likes her lamb to be chicken, entirely. She whines about not liking Greek food. ????? She gets grilled chicken.

Yuh, momma tries. We are "sperled" .


Monday, August 22, 2011

it was not me who started it

that does not mean anything!  Look how blurry that picture is. IT could have been anyone of a zillion Bichons!  And he is not Saint JD!  And even if that is me, he probably started it .  He probably said something nasty to me, and that is perfectly defensible behavior.  That's it, I am not barking another word.  I am invoking my right to counsel. DOWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.

I am being framed, set up to take the fall... help me....

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

TEN things my big sister taught me

Getting along with two leggeds is always a learning process.  I was lucky to have the Wendy as my big sister. When I came into this family, the Wendy was my invaluable source of knowledge and wisdom. JD, being JD and male, was not exactly as observant and... frankly I was not interested in learning to tinkle while standing only on my two front paws.

But I must credit the Wendy for the following bits of wisdom:

1. NOT all two leggeds are the same. You must individualize rules, expectations and boundaries with each two legged. That way you can maximize your "returns".  Fake crying to Uncle Phil will get you anything you want. He is what we call a "low threshold human". Fake crying to momma or Dowi will get you ... nothing.  They are "high threshold humans".  Pretend not to want your meal and daddy will hand feed you. Do it with momma and you will end up hungry because that woman will pick up your bowl and call it a day.

2. When in public, stick as close as possible to your two leggeds. You just can't trust strange two leggeds, specially the short kind. Once I let one of those touch me and he made me sticky and he pulled my ears!  Never again!

3. If you must use the pee pad, when you are done, wrap it up. It's good manners and nobody should have to look at that.  When your two leggeds see how nicely you wrapped it, they will call it a "giftie" and they won't mind cleaning it up.  I know... that one I really had a hard time accepting as true, but... momma does call it a "giftie".  Don't judge her, she is still my momma and I love her!

4. Always practice the art of the "thank you" dismissive lick when you are done drinking from a cup your human is holding for you. They get the message and it is polite.

5. If you are sharing a pillow with your human,  make sure that you are far enough that hair flipping is not going to be an issue, or close enough that it will not matter.  Otherwise you will feel like you are being periodically dusted.

6. Dowi is ok with having her kisses delivered directly on her lips. She only requires her mouth to be shut and she will patiently allow you to kiss her.  Momma has issues. Something about lipstick, gloss, whatever. 

7.  If momma tucks a tissue in her bra... we are going for a WALK...unless she has pockets and then we are going for a walk if the tissue goes into her pocket.  Do bras have pockets? They should.

8. Do not interfere with the designated belly rubbing time of a four legged or you will get growled at.  Be patient, share the human.  You are likely to get belly rubbed more often if the human is not stressed out  by the growling and jealousy of the four leggeds.

9.  Having your tush wiped is something that every four legged needs from time to time.  No point in fighting it. It will be quicker and more pleasant of you just cooperate.

10. Learn to give puppy eyes. Bat , bat, bat the eyes, and fill them with that dreamy look [ just think of a mountain of chewies] it makes humans melt.  For reference, use the picture in this post. The Wendy is very good at this.

See, these are wonderful tips. What works in your household?


Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good bye dear friend,

We always acknowledge the passing of one of our four legged friends.

Today, we are acknowledging the passing of a remarkable two legged. Her heart was huge as was her ability to love. Holly Ridge has been the place where many of us felt safe other than at home. So safe, that when things went wrong, and our home was no longer available, we found a refuge at with Debbie who was founder and past president of K9 New Life.

I know she is surrounded by all those four leggeds who crossed the Rainbow Bridge. I know she was welcomed and that they are celebrating, but I am sad. She was such a beacon of love and hope.

Deborah Jane Burroughs of VIRGINIA BEACH - Deborah Jane Burroughs, born Feb. 3, 1960, has passed away peacefully and comfortably Aug. 18, 2011 after battling an incurable disease for the last five years of her life. As the founder of Holly Ridge Manor Pet Motel and Doggie Daycare Center, she had a passion for animals and made her dream come true. She was a loving daughter, mother, sister, cousin, Nana, foster mom to all dogs and a beloved friend. She will be missed dearly by all who loved her, as she changed the lives of so many people and animals. She will always be remembered for the amazing person she was and will always be in our hearts. She will never be forgotten, as the memories of her will always be with us. Memories of her will always be with us and she will be remembered. Rest in peace with love. God bless you. The family will receive friends Sunday, Aug. 21, at 2997 Seaboard Road (Holly Ridge Manor) Virginia Beach, VA 23456 from the hours of 5 to 8 p.m. A memorial service will be held Aug. 22, at Hollomon-Brown Funeral Home, Indian River Chapel, at 2 p.m.

Debbie, rest in peace, you have earned your wings as an angel
Silvie, Wendy, JD and family

Friday, August 19, 2011

One of those days....

summer days

So... it started like the perfect day. Momma actually took us for a walk... which quickly turned into a bad experience. We got sprayed by a rebel sprinkler and then we got mudded up.  We get back home and momma decides to bathe us.  Seriously.  And she does. One by one. Are we mad? Oh yuh. We were hoping to come back and eat breakfast. Bath was NOT in our plan.

Look at the Wendy waiting for her bath. She could star in Les Miserables with that face!

I am anxious to get back in the house. I know momma is making breakfast at some point.

Post bath the two bums, JD and Wendy just decided to lounge and boycott breakfast which did not include any tortellini or cappelletti...life is hard, I hate green beans...


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Thursday, August 18, 2011

when resolve Dissolves....

Sooooo, she made punkin ricotta chicken capelletti for us. Lamb ricotta punkin for JD. She went to get the camera and it said  " Battery Battery Battery..." which apparently means it needs to be recharged... She was going to hold out our dinner until the stupid thing worked!!! OMD I am starving here!!! I did not eat breakfast... hellooo..We whined enough, actually what got her was Wendy's kitchen visitation. She only does that when she is starving... and when the smells are insane. She plated the din din and called us... sort of, we were like 2 feet away...  She put the bowls down and ding she went to get her cell phone to take pics.  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA..... She came all ready to snap snap snap...the empty bowls.... My resolve to be peckish again.... dissolved... Wendy's resolve to diet today... dissolved... and JD's resolve to act out his missing daddy by pushing food around, but not actually eating....dissolved.

And there she stood, looking down as we licked our chops. Compliments to the chef, but then again. the portions were on the small side.  What did you do to that yummy chicken? It was DE- wait for it--- ---- ----VINE!!!! ahh you de-glazed!  Loved it. Love you momma, sorry 'bout the missed photo op, feed the stupid camera once in a while...

Going to roll myself on the rug , ciao bella... baci baci baci... I love Italian food... I should move to Bologna.


Winner winner... chicken dinner?... Almost.. Kind of.

It always starts with momma being nostalgic or something. She will start telling us about her life when she was a little girl. Then... suddenly, it turns into this... Pasta, she is doing it again.

 I love pasta. I love pasta made with fresh eggs because it smells yummy.  But I am more interested in what she has going on the stove. Chicken, prosciutto, seasonings, reggiano, eggs, persillade, white pepper, truffle oil...salt and I smell cream, onions...Wait a sec. she just put everything into the robot coupe. She is whipping it into some sort of ....OHHH filling.
Mean woman put onions in that otherwise delicious filling..... all I can say is... you better make some without onions for your four legged loyal, loving, sweet, deserving.... babies.
Mark, fill, cover, cut, fold, repeat... that smell is driving us insane. I think parmiggiano reggiano and prosciutto could make sawdust taste delicious. Momma, why are making these? Still not talking? Well, I am still on guard.  And like little soldiers there they sit.  Ohhhh is that a plain chicken breast with prosciutto going into the robot coupe?  Ahhh With reggiano and NOOOO Onions! Spendid. Brilliant.  I will need ....more than 7 please with panna, [cream] Mhhhh

Winner, winner CHICKEN dinner!!!!! SCORE!  Gross- JD calls them belly buttons, he is gross.

And if you really know momma, you know she loves hats and these are "CAPELLETTI"  = little hats!  NOT belly buttons.  I wonder where that dog came from at times!

Back to sniffing!
and supervising, of course.

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RIP Andy

Last night, we received word of the sudden passing of Andy, one of our beloved TBFR alumni. A million thoughts flash in your head when you are confronted with news like this. Shock. Overwhelming sadness, of course. Grief that seems to come in waves. And then you think of those who are most effected. Puff, Andy's best friend in the world. Andy's human pawrents who loved him unconditionally and completely and who made his life wonderful. And you grieve. You grieve for those left behind.  You share their loss. And you feel quite helpless because you can't fill they void they feel. You can't make them whole. All you can do is remind them that what they shared with Andy was pure, unconditional and complete love. Such a rare gift that is. However Andy started his life, the time spent with his family was paradise on earth.  And you remind his family that although his passing was sudden, it was pain free. Please think back of all the happy times, allow those memories to help you celebrate Andy's life. It had meaning, it had purpose, it had love.  Andy is probably reconnecting with all his TBFR friends both two and four legged.  He is not alone.

Puff, I know you are sad. But you have a big job. You have to comfort momma and daddy and in turn you have to allow them to comfort you.

All of your TBFR family is here to help in any way we can. 
'vie and family

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hmmm .

Ok. I am suspicious. Did somebody forget to tell me something????

Why are you ravioling momma? Ravioling? It's not a verb? It should be. makes sense to me.
Fine, why are you making food you can't eat?  What is going on?

I am suspicious. Fine, you don't want to talk,  I will just stick to you like glue.

I am not stupid. Something is going on...


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Turkey Jerky and why portion control sucks.

So, last night the momma sprayed a rack with non stick spray, lined her pan with non stick foil and then the magic started. four large turkey legs got "broken down" as they say in chef lingo.
Boned and cut in equal pieces, they were carefully layed out on the rack, lightly seasoned with salt [I wanted fleur de mer, but cheapo momma thought Trapani salt was good enough...good enough keep that new standard in mind!]  and then abandoned in a 200 degree oven overnight.
Yes, we were tortured with the delicious smell that wafted upstairs.

This morning as soon as we came down for breakfast out of the oven came the wonders of turkey jerky. OMD is the stuff delish. I could see myself eating that whole pile in a single serving bonanza of goodness. BUT - NO.  And this is when you realize that even after watching Curiosity with Stephen Hawking... you still cannot argue with this woman and win.  And BTW she argued with him too. Back to the universal equation that makes up my reality.  Remember that big mess of delicious turkey?

Well, this is what "that woman" we call momma thinks is PORTION CONTROL. My front left center tooth is happy, the rest of my teeth will not get a taste. This is what she "added" to our breakfast ...if you ask me she could have removed the pumpkin and doubled the turkey.... if you ask me...

Who invented this portion control idea anyway?

have you heard of ? Well you have now!!!

Monday, August 15, 2011

I am not a breedist, but....

I am so very grateful to be a Bichon. Mine is a proud breed dating back hundreds and hundreds of years. More importantly my breed transcends countries, language barriers, nationalities, politics, gender... anything! If a two legged is a Bichon lover, she/he is automatically a member of a very special groups and anywhere he goes, to other Bichon lovers he is like family.TBFR received a very nice invitation to join another Bichon rescue group... all the way from....AUSTRALIA!!!!!

And you know what? As redundant as it sounds for a Bichon group  to "join"  a Bichon group... because we are family...we had to say yes!

And what a lovely website you have! http://perthbichonfrise.webs.com/ It is heart warming to know you are out there doing exactly what we do and providing safe shelter, medical care, food and love to Bichons in need. Do you guys do the dance of joy when you place a Bichon in his new forever home?

TBFR sec. at large [self appointed of course!] 

TBFR Ambassador  appointed by auntie Robin!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

know why I am smiling?

Because I know something you don't know!  Wanna figure it out?  Go ahead, ask, I will give you 20 questions.


Friday, August 12, 2011

Good friends give the best advice

After a tough start to my day, I was lucky enough to have gotten some great advice. Thank  you, Marshmallow, Rocky and Kol. I had a heart to heart with momma while she washed my tush for the third time today...yes, I am ashamed to admit I was acting up. You know...I dragged my tush into the dirt and then come back inside all schmutzy. Each time, momma picked me up, washed me, brushed me and put aloe gel on me. She didn't yell, the last time she just said "Baby why are you doing this?" That was my opening. I walked to her computer and she followed me. I waited for her to sit down, hopped on her lap and watched as her system booted up. And when it finally did, it opened the last website she was on...yes, THE website. http://www.doggelganger.co.nz/.
I turned to momma and locked my eyes on her eyes. I never had to say a word! She knew! She cuddled me and called me a silly girl. Then she showed me the dog food company logo on the website. You all know how momma feels about most dog food companies. Most recalls are over, but the bad memories linger on. And dog food companies know that their misdeeds are not forgotten, so they turned to Madison Avenue and they are re-marketing themselves. This website is another clever way Madison Avenue is serving up the same old same old... OMD! I never even saw that logo! But then, I have never seen a dog food bag around here, so why would I be familiar with it? Soooo, all that was about how far dog food companies go to entice the two legged! Wow, do I feel foolish! I think I just showed you all my insecurity. Paging Dr. Freud...paging Dr. Freud. Just as I started to feel awash in shame, momma held me against her heart and she told me that I am and forever will be her baby. She told me that I fill her heart and soul. Then I fell asleep in momma's arms. I was tired, you know, I had a rough night and a rougher day.

Doggelganger my butt. This is MY life


Thursday, August 11, 2011

Color me BLUE

Blue. Color me blue. That's how I feel. Last night, I cuddled momma while she was on her puter. I get wonderful belly rubs while she catches up with her e mails and the news. [You just have to be careful when she is reading the news. Sometimes her fingers react to it and it might translate as a fur grab. Not so pleasant. Then there is that other issue. Momma talks to the news she reads. Yes, seriously. She "talks"... Some articles she praises, some she dams... and here is the other interesting thing, she reads a lot of foreign newspapers. Of course she will talk to those articles in the language they are written in.  Are you visualizing this?  It is quite bizarre. Well, when in her words "the eyes start popping out of her head" [Has that really ever happened to a human?] she will move on from the news and go for other genre. It sounds all so innocent. Yes, bizarre, but innocent, no?

Well NO. Innocent it is NOT. 

I had fallen asleep for maybe 3 -4 minutes or maybe 20, I don't know, I was asleep. But when I woke up,  I realized that momma was getting herself a drink of water and on her screen was an unfamiliar program.  I quietly moved in closer to the screen and focused.

"Human to Canine Pairing Software" Doggelganger


She is...cheating on us me? This is like some perverse match service? Oh that last bite of my dinner suddenly turned to lead in my belly and my emotional world starting imploding like a bad souffle.

I froze. I could not process what I was seeing because I was emotionally overwhelmed.
Not knowing what to do I decided to pretend I was asleep,  watch was was going on, learn. I am cute, but I am not stupid, I need more information and this is the best way to get it. It took everything in my perfect body to suppress my emotions and not react.

Momma sat back down, put her glass of water down, and started scrolling down the web page. Her left hand on my belly rubbing gently. For some reason it did not feel good. It felt annoying and artificial. It felt  ...like betrayal.  I took a deep breath, and watched as momma uploaded a picture of herself.  Her face. She then resized it to fit into the software face mapping grid.
I never even saw that picture before... Does this woman have a secret life????

Within seconds, the software engaged into the search and pairing mode.

It plays music. I have to tell you that the stupid music and artificial computer soothing voice had the exact opposite effect on me.  I was NOT being soothed. The only thing that kept me immobile was the weight of ten gizillion thoughts went through my head, but all could be summarized in 3 letters. W -H-Y?  Why?  Why is she doing this. And why suddenly every Tammy Wynette song is playing in my head?

Why is my momma, the woman I have given all my love to and I have entrusted with my fragile, pure, loving heart, why is she CHEATING on me? Did I lick her elbow one too many times? [She hates that]... Did I not cuddle her enough? Did I not give her enough belly access?
Is it because I occasionally want to snuggle The Wendy? Is this because I licked the marmite off her toast and she did not realize it until after she took a bite? OMG, I wonder if this is because of that laundry incident... But ... I was ... a baby.  I didn't know that chewing your momma's freshly laundered unmentionables was not acceptable... And chewing tine holes in 1200 count sheets is also not acceptable, But I had to learn all that. She can't be carrying a grudge for that. It was eons ago!  Wait, maybe this all has to do with my issues with sitting in my car seat as opposed to sitting up front next to momma. I know that she is very bothered by that. Maybe it is the right of first refusal that I practice when she puts my dinner down. You know, refuse any first offering and hold out in case...something better is presented. Most times, like 98% of the time I eat my dinner without issue. But first refusal is a time honored tradition.... No it has got to be something else that triggered this, but why is she doing it?

My introspective review was interrupted by a music change and the sudden appearance of a canine face. Deep breath. Not even a Bichon. She is also a breed traitor. Nothing personal dude, but if I can't make her happy.... you won't either.  Looking. Honest assessment. This dog is at best a 4. I am a 9.  I need to get groomed and I need new ribbons to be a perfect 10 again. This dog she is "being paired with"... is a 4 .   So.... it's not looks.

OMD. Is it because I just turned 5? Is she looking for some younger dog? How pathetically cliche`.   Momma as a youth vampire. My heart would be beyond broken it would be pulverized.

She looked at the dog on the screen, she tilted her head and she chuckled. Then, she turned off her puter, picked me up, and took me to bed. Kissed me good night, did the same with JD and the Wendy , turned off the light and went to sleep. Just like that. Like nothing happened.  And there inches away I was drowning in my own sadness, trying to process what I had just witnessed and trying to figure out how I was going to tell The Wendy and JD.

This morning momma did everything she does every morning. I am looking for clues in her behavior. I have not told JD or Wendy anything yet, I am BLUE.  Numb and aching at the same time. But I do have a plan.  I just need access to her puter. I need to do do some research. I want to review her browser history, see for myself how long this has been going on etc etc.
I will do all that when she goes to the post office. Until then I am listening to Fade to Black and just seething.

BLUE 'vie

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Momma has these things that she will not let us chew, sniff, lick or play with. The "things" have some sort of sentimental or such, meaning for her. You know, I think that the woman is tiny bit possessive, sometimes. For some reason, I have a particular curiosity about the things that she is unwilling to share. Having said that, be assured that her shoes and purses hold NO fascination for me...because I value my life and I value momma's sanity and freedom. Momma is likely to kill anyone messing with her shoes and purses, hats... gloves... you know... her closet drek.  And a jailed momma waiting for her appeal date on her insanity defense, would not be fun...and it would be so embarrassing! On the other hand... think  of the possibilities... I could... NEVER-MIND.  I can't even think about that.
Back to the untouchables. The things. These two she calls Kaleidoscopes. The itty bitty one is her favorite.  In an attempt to remove the lure of the unknown, momma has sat me down and showed me the function of the kaleidoscope. You look into this hole , and you see lots of colored patterns and as you turn the kaleidoscope, the patterns change. Interesting, but limited... you can't even smell them.  
I love momma. I love her even when she plays with her kaleidoscope. But I think I found something that will make us both happy and that we can share.  Are you ready?  I am going to share in with you too.  OK. sit back, be prepared  for something special.  Ready, deep breath and click here: KALEIDOSCOPE
Sit back, enjoy... go get your momma and show it her!


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life is UNFAIR

The Great Dismal Swamp is on fire. I don't want to point paws, or anything, but this fire was caused by lightening and it is burning up more than a a thousand acres of land. Never mind how expensive it is to put out a fire like this. Never mind how all neighboring fire departments are working in shifts around the clock to stop it from spreading any farther. Never mind how many swamp dwellers have been displaced. Never mind all of that. What I mind is that because the smoke is thick out there, momma will not let us out to play. Something about air quality.
It smells. it is nasty and I need a big giant wind machine to blow that nasty smoke back to where it came from. So... we are stuck inside.

Drat, double drat...
You can read about this nasty stuff here: http://hamptonroads.com.nyud.net/2011/08/dismal-swamp-blaze-jumps-breaks-tops-1000-acres


Recall -- Firm Press Release

FDA posts press releases and other notices of recalls and market withdrawals from the firms involved as a service to consumers, the media, and other interested parties. FDA does not endorse either the product or the company.

Doggie Wishbone (ITEM # 29050, Lot 11031 Best By 30 Jan 2013)

Customer Inquiries:
(800) 664-7387

Other Inquiries:
James Witcher, COO (806) 322-2806

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - August 8, 2011 - Merrick Pet Care, Inc. of Amarillo, Texas is recalling a single lot of its Doggie Wishbone pet treat (ITEM # 29050, UPC # 2280829050, Lot 11031 Best By 30 Jan 2013) because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella.  Merrick Pet Care has made the decision to recall the Doggie Wishbone pet treats in the abundance of caution.  248 cases of this lot were manufactured and shipped to distributors in 10 states.  Those distributors have been notified.  Only one lot of Doggie Wishbone is affected by this recall.  No additional Merrick Pet Care products are involved in this recall. No other Merrick brand products are involved.
Salmonella can affect animals and there is risk to humans from handling contaminated pet products. People handling the treats can become infected with Salmonella, especially if they have not thoroughly washed their hands after having contact with the chews or any surfaces exposed to these products.  Consumers should dispose of these products in a safe manner by securing them in a covered trash receptacle.
Healthy people infected with Salmonella should monitor themselves for some or all of the following symptoms: nausea, vomiting, diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, abdominal cramping and fever. Rarely, Salmonella can result in more serious ailments, including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation, and urinary tract symptoms. Consumers exhibiting these signs after having contact with this product should contact their healthcare providers immediately.
Pets with Salmonella infections may be lethargic and have diarrhea or bloody diarrhea, fever, and vomiting. Some pets will have only decreased appetite, fever and abdominal pain. Infected but otherwise healthy pets can be carriers and infect other animals or humans. If your pet has consumed the recalled product and has these symptoms, please contact your veterinarian immediately.
The Doggie Wishbone was shipped to distributors and retailers throughout the US.  These individuals have been notified and have activated their recall procedures.
No illnesses have been reported to date and there have been no consumer complaints for this product. This issue was identified through routine sampling by the Food and Drug Administration.
At Merrick Pet Care, the safety and efficacy of our products are our top priority. We apologize for any inconvenience due to this recall.   Consumers who have purchased the Doggie Wishbone with the lot code 11031 are urged to return the unused portion to the place of purchase for a full refund. Consumers with questions may contact the company at 1-800-664-7387 M-F 8:00am – 5:00pm CST.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Wendy Pooh do you want to PLAY?


Momma is making breakfast, we have time My Wendy Pooh Bear... I have Brownie, want to play? We will smell when it's ready, come on.... please, pretty please . Check out my blurry tail!
I will give Brownie, you take him and hide him and I will find him!
Come on Wendy, play with me please? You can play!
Why is it that you never what to play, Oh ok, that is not true. You want to play when you are excited that we are going out.  Which is strange. I mean.... why try to play when we are going out? Play when we can stay in and play!!!
You go first. Come down, hide Brownie and I bet I can find him before breakfast!

She is thinking about it... always has to think.  What is up with that?  She is a Bichon, not a Poodle!

'vie who is looking for a playmate! 

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Love in WAR

Lucky puppy, I hope you find your forever dad in the midst of war.

who already misses her daddy

Dude! That's brilliant!

I am going to try it on the Wendy the next time we blitz.


Saturday, August 6, 2011


OMD, I need this! I really need this, and with some tweaking maybe we can customize it to "SOURtalics". It is the essence of who I am! It is the right evolution of written speech [if you two leggeds ever got around to learning bark, this would be too rudimentary to be in your universe, but nooooooo....]

Anyway, we need Sartalics and frankly we need it to have some customizing features to denote "sourtalics".


Friday, August 5, 2011

Guess who has a birthday today?


That sneaky momma  was just going to hide the fact that today is August 5th!!!! It's my birthday!!!
August 5th is very important because 230 famous people were born on this date. People like:
Neil Armstrong
Louis Walsh
Antony Cotton
Jennifer Finch
Matt Jones and...........................ME
you can read about the rest here.

All I can say is... there better be a party in the works because otherwise, this cupcake is going to be very sad.  Ehmmmm ehmmm 


Hot hot hot even in the shade

Trying to stay cool in 98 degree temps. Momma went to get us pupsicles. Yes, pupsicles. Custom made popsicles. JD get his made with lamb broth and bits of carrots and lamb. Wendy's pupsicles indulge her in her chicken love, with bits of carrots and chicken stock which my Wendy calls "chicken juice" because that gives me the giggles every time I hear it. She loves giving me the giggles. Moi, my pupsicles are chicken stock with bits of carrots and squash.

You have to eat the popsicles fast because thy melt very quickly.
It's soooo hoot. I wonder, did four leggeds ever melt in this heat? I know two leggeds really schvitz. Shhh we are also getting that frozen watermelon cubes. Now that is one of my fav things! They melt as soon as you put them in your mouth. Wonder if momma would consider feeding me those while I float in the pool... Mhhhh

I am going to see if that is doable.

You know what they sing? Summertime and the living is easyyyyy...and I love my life.


Thursday, August 4, 2011

watching you


Mommmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. I am bored. Why do you have to vacuum? Stop the noise, come play with me. I want to cuddle. I am  soft and I am pretty and I could make you relax.

Look, you read the medical articles,  pet me. It is beneficial for your health. It will speed up healing and... I like it too.

Still watching you....

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DANCE of joy!

Logan went home today. His new pawrents came and picked him up and took him to his forever home and I AM DANCINGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on everyone, it is Samba time, move those hips, wiggle wiggle wiggle... Samba!!!
Hey Logan, we will see you at the fall Bash right? Stay in step... Come on, dip...
I love to celebrate.

Dance! To Logan's pawrents WELCOME to our TBFR family.

Ohh I look great wiggling my hips

the chewie SAGA

What's going on this morning?

Silvieon4 just realized that JD still has his chewie.

Mhhh, maybe if she "stares" him down, he will..."share"???? JD is the slowest chewie eater in the world. He will lick, nibble, savor, slowly , slowly, slowly... eat his chewies. Silvieon4 is the fastest chewie eater in the world. She will "inhale" her chewies as soon as she gets them.  It is a difference in style approach that leads to days like this....

Silvieon4 to JD: "Are you going to eat that?"
JD: "Yes, go away, it's my chewie and I will eat it when I am good and ready."

Obviously this is not the right place to sit and enjoy a chewie.  Not with someone inches away staring you down.

Going elsewhere...

Silvie checks for crumbs and bits that might have fallen off.

The ritual "burial" of the chewie starts while Silvie watches.

This is tedious hard work, but apparently it is very interesting. It captivates the audience.

Under the throw, into the corner deep into the fold with two fold overs of cloth. It must be safe.
The "audience" is following every move.

Tuck, tuck, tuck, tuck....

Pushing it deep into the chair . This is very hard work.

Oops, a tiny part is still "sniffable", pushing deeper.

The "audience" is now settled in and still watching. Quietly, patiently.

Switching corners. This is better, it has a deeper groove.

JD :  "Daddy? Why are you taking pictures?"

JD to Silvieon4  "How long have you been there?"

Silvieon4  "A while. I am allowed to be here. Why?"

JD:  "Great. Sigh. I have to think. Nothing is safe from the chewie inhaler.  I have to think...."

JD: "I am taking my chewie and moving on..."  Of course Silvieon4 is sniffing for bits and pieces that might have fallen off.

Wendy Pooh joins in, she wants to know what is going on.

That's it- this is too much. Too big an audience. This guy is moving on.

Of course... another inspection for crumbs has to take place.

JD is on his way upstairs to go eat his chewie in the quiet privacy of his window seat.

Sometimes, this house feels very crowded...

Yes, he went up... but you really didn't think it would end here, did you?

Of course NOT!  Silvieon4 follows JD upstairs.  And the chewies saga continues...

Pictures by Daddy who patiently documented the saga. Thank you Daddy.