Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life is UNFAIR

The Great Dismal Swamp is on fire. I don't want to point paws, or anything, but this fire was caused by lightening and it is burning up more than a a thousand acres of land. Never mind how expensive it is to put out a fire like this. Never mind how all neighboring fire departments are working in shifts around the clock to stop it from spreading any farther. Never mind how many swamp dwellers have been displaced. Never mind all of that. What I mind is that because the smoke is thick out there, momma will not let us out to play. Something about air quality.
It smells. it is nasty and I need a big giant wind machine to blow that nasty smoke back to where it came from. So... we are stuck inside.

Drat, double drat...
You can read about this nasty stuff here: http://hamptonroads.com.nyud.net/2011/08/dismal-swamp-blaze-jumps-breaks-tops-1000-acres


rocky-dog said...

Hey 'vie, big fires like that are totally awful. Because we live in California, where it doesn't rain from about the beginning of June until Halloween or later, things get really dry and all it takes is lightening or somebody doing something stupid. Yeah, stupid smoking people -- I'm talking about YOU! The smoke hurts your nose and sometimes your paws, it can make it hard to breathe and it can sometimes make your hair all icky.

So listen to your mama. Stay indoors -- you don't want to have to go visit Miss Margie any sooner than necessary. Just be careful


Kolchak Puggle said...

Oh Vie, that is scary stuff. I am with your Mama, stay inside where it is SAFE! We can't have anything happening to our Vie!

silvieon4 said...

Rocky, how does smoke hurt you paws? The icky smell and nasty sticky air is bad enough. Today the wind is blowing the other way and we have a lovely clear sky.

Momma was nice enough to take us on a long ride yesterday, and we even visited the fancy chickens at itty bitty live sushi at the pet shop.

In momma's words "We got out of Dodge" No, I don't understand it, either...

rocky-dog said...

The smoke gets on to everything and leaves this stuff called soot. And sometimes you get bits of stuff from the sky falling from the fires. gets stuck in the hair of my paws -- mama says its the cedar and those pieces are really hard to chew off.