Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Grilled lamb and smart farfalle.

In keeping with Tasty Tuesday, one of JD's fav din dins.  Grilled lamb chop served with "smart" pasta, low carb/high protein pasta.  Now JD is a farfalle aficionado. He likes Barilla, cooked for 11 minutes. [ He is a drama queen ] No other pasta will do. So, we humor him.  The assembly of this meal is very easy. Cook the pasta  per package direction, drain, cool.  Grill a lean center cut lamb chop that has been trimmed and seasoned very lightly with salt. Cut it in small perfect bites. Plate and serve.  This dinner is usually served when lunch has included some serious green and orange foods. [something about balance... I dunno]. Oh did you notice that the lamb is cooked medium rare? I like mine a little more well done.  Wendy likes her lamb to be chicken, entirely. She whines about not liking Greek food. ????? She gets grilled chicken.

Yuh, momma tries. We are "sperled" .


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Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh that looks tasty alright
Benny & Lily