Friday, August 5, 2011

Hot hot hot even in the shade

Trying to stay cool in 98 degree temps. Momma went to get us pupsicles. Yes, pupsicles. Custom made popsicles. JD get his made with lamb broth and bits of carrots and lamb. Wendy's pupsicles indulge her in her chicken love, with bits of carrots and chicken stock which my Wendy calls "chicken juice" because that gives me the giggles every time I hear it. She loves giving me the giggles. Moi, my pupsicles are chicken stock with bits of carrots and squash.

You have to eat the popsicles fast because thy melt very quickly.
It's soooo hoot. I wonder, did four leggeds ever melt in this heat? I know two leggeds really schvitz. Shhh we are also getting that frozen watermelon cubes. Now that is one of my fav things! They melt as soon as you put them in your mouth. Wonder if momma would consider feeding me those while I float in the pool... Mhhhh

I am going to see if that is doable.

You know what they sing? Summertime and the living is easyyyyy...and I love my life.



Marshmallow said...

Yum! Mama makes us frozen cubes of chicken juice, but doesn't put more yummy stuff in there. I'm going to have to pass on your recipes.

silvieon4 said...

the yummy bits is what makes me lick like crazy until I get to them!

rocky-dog said...

Hey "vie, I sort of envy you. It's not hot here. In fact it's downright cold! Well maybe coolish. Okay, coolish.
We had a cold wet winter and now we are having a cold summer. Mama says that the ocean is keeping us cold and we should be happy because people in other parts of the country are miserable because it is so hot! I'd love to get maybe one or two days of hot -- then maybe mama would make pupsicles for me too.

Two French Bulldogs said...

Sure does sound good
Benny & Lily