Saturday, June 28, 2008

Harness or Collar Poll RESULTS

Oh my you all! Really? So who reads this blog? A bunch of belt and suspender wearers? I am willing to wear a fab collar because I am a fashionista, and I have lots of bling that has to go on my collar. Of course my id and stuff is in a capsule on my collar. I also own a number of harnesses. I mean if your human loves you you will get a harness for your bike basket, one for your car seat, a fashion one or two or three or four with bows, rhinestones, etc. A girls has to sparkle you know. BUT both at once???? Never tried it. I s'pose I could try it. I am skeptical. I will warn you. If I stand before my mirror and the dog looking back at me looks even remotely weird, fruity, Erkle like or like a What Not To Wear subject... well then the whole thing is off and no, no way will I post a pic of that! (I do have a reputation to protect) I mean... why would I risk making it on Mr. Blackwell's list?

Dior me


for me... for you

Thursday, June 26, 2008

No FAIR. (Simone that is)

Where is the curly human? I am soooooo mad. Really. I liked the new 2 legged one called Simone. Now I can't find him. That is not cool. But. But something nice did happen today. I got a new toy. I think I will call this new monkey Simon. You know, 'cause I miss the human one. I rate this toy Simon a 5 out of 5 for a number of reasons:

1. It is a curly toy
2. It is a curly toy
3. Did I mention it has curly hair like mine?
4. big nose
5. did I mention the curls????

and he honks!

Really if you see 2legged Simone, tell him I miss him so!

Achy breaky heart

been BUSY

Hi y'all. I have been busy busy busy. I found a 2legged that sounds funny but knows how to play. He is so much fun I am hoping to keep him. Oh and he smells yummy. I heard other 2legged saying he is handsome. Hm. No tail, no curly white coat, but he does have great human hair curls. I do like him, and even though he sounds funny, the way he says my name makes my tail flip. :) You judge for yourself. BTW, his name is Simone.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Sometimes I wake up from a deep sleep and I have to reassure myself that I am home.
It is soooo great to be home. To be loved. To be safe and NOT to be cold or hungry.

I wish every 4legged could feel this. You know I heard a song about rescue?
So if humans know that rescue is good, why? don't they do it more?

Something you should know about Rescue Me Lyrics

Title: Aretha Franklin - Rescue Me lyrics
These sheets are soft,
humming to myself

Rescue me
Oh take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charms
'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too

Come on and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
'Coz I need you, by my side
Can't you see that I'm lonely
Rescue me

Come on and take my heart
Take your love and conquer every part
'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too

Come on and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
Come on baby and rescue me
'Coz I need you by my side
Can't you see that I'm lonely

Rescue me
Oh take me in your arms
Rescue me
I want your tender charms
'Coz I'm lonely and I'm blue
I need you and your love too
Come on and rescue me
Come on baby, take me baby, hold me baby, love me baby
Can't you see that I need you baby
Can't you see that I'm lonely
Rescue me

Come on and take my hand
Come on baby and be my man
Cuz I love you cuz I want you
Can't you see that I'm lonely?
take me baby
love me baby
need me baby
Can't you see that I'm lonely?

rescue me, rescue me.......

Saturday, June 21, 2008

dogtoids [factoids about DOGS]

- Female dog bites are twice as numerous as male bites.
- The canine nose works one million times more efficiently than the human nose.
- The average dog has 42 permanent teeth.
- Most domestic dogs are capable of reaching speeds of 32 km's per hour when running flat out but the members of the greyhound family may reach speeds up to 70 km's per hour
- The Lundehund breed has 6 toes and can close its ears.
- Dalmation puppies are pure white at birth.
- Chihuahuas are born with a 'molera', or 'soft spot' like a human baby, which usually closes as they mature.
- Dogs do not have an appendix.
- The only sweat glands a dog has are between the paw pads.
- A dog's normal body temperature is 100.5 to 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit.
- If none are spayed or neutered, a female dog, her mate, and their offspring can produce 67,000 dogs in 6 years.
- The Beatles song Martha My Dear was written by Paul McCartney about his sheepdog Martha

sharing knowledge

Friday, June 20, 2008

Mr Kaboing AND ME

At the end of a busy busy day
Nothing is better than a cuddle with your favorite toy. This week Mr Kaboing is my fav. Nose to nose, toes to toes, he soothes my woes. :) spontaneous poetry! nighty night

Phewwww WE BAKED

See me tired? See the bread basket? WE BAKED! The sale is tomorrow so you better be ready to buy buy buy. White Cottage Residents are "spensive" to maintain.

So, remember! HUGE RESCUE RUMMAGE-A-RAMA June 21, 2008 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM Hickory Ruritan Club 2752 S. Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake, VA Benefits Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. Shop in air-conditioned comfort! Rain or Shine! Fresh baked bread, healthy, homemade dog biscuits! Over 20 families- unique Christmas collectibles, Household Items, books, videos, craft supplies, more!

Too pooped to pucker

Thursday, June 19, 2008


"hahahahahaha!!!..Somebody should SERIOUSLY be a comedy writer, my favorite blog Silvie you are hysterical!!" -- Sunny

Dear Sunny,

I know, right?! In honor of your perceptive observation, I wrote you a poem.

There once was a poster named Sunny
Who recognized that Silvie is funny
So Sunny went to the bank
Got a check that was blank
And gave the rescue all her (his?) money!

Some of you may think it's in poor taste to use my art to solicit donation. Well poop on all of you. I really am very flattered. It's just that... I saw this.

I want to talk to you about what I saw when I came into rescue.

My life didn't start so well. I try not to remember most of it, but I do remember coming into rescue. It was terrifying. I've changed my opinion since then -- but back then I really didn't have a very good opinion of 2leggeds. I didn't think they were very nice. So I was shocked when the humans at the rescue... took care of me. They petted me. They brought me toys. I got to run and play a whole bunch!

There were also lots of other dogs. And they were nice too!

It makes me SO SAD. There are so many wonderful dogs out there that need homes, and I bet some of them are even funnier than I am (ha. okay, that's not likely). If you are considering adding a dog to your family, please don't go into that pet store; please don't buy from a puppy pimp (breeder). If you are having trouble finding that perfect pup to blog with, email me! I'll help. Really nice dogs come from rescues. I should know.

x-in' and o-in',

How do YOU tell them APART?

OMG! I can't believe humans! I finally got momma to take us for a walk. We were walking along as we always do. Me taking the lead to sniff out the good spots, JD following closely behind erasing my every mark and Wendy, as always at momma's side (she is such a brown nose...) Anyway, we saw a human walking funny in the opposite direction. She walked like she had to go tinkle or something. On our way home, again we see the same 2legged one, still doing the squirm walk. This time she crosses the street, walks over and starts talking to momma. {IRK! I mean this is OUR walk not her CHAT time! Go away!!!!} She tells us she has been "power walking" . Ehm. So when I have to go outside and I squirm walk I am power walking? I N T E R E S T I N G.
After some comment about the weather, the "walker" asks momma,"How do you tell them apart?" OMG. Really. I wanted momma to say "I use my eyes" or..."I look" or even better
"I can tell because my mother did not have me standing up"... But all momma said was "Each is unique, each has a different personality and they do not look alike at all." Ok, all accurate, but I still wish she would have snapped at the human. As we walked home, I was thinking about this 2legged. I expected her to actually use her eyes. But what can I really expect? She had no fabulous white fluff. There was no curl in her hair. Her nose looked nothing like licorice. And her ears... her ears.... I'm willing to bet she mainlined the botox because they didn't move AT ALL when she spoke.

So much better being 4legged! We NEVER make dumb comments.

Lucky to be me

RIP Mimi LaRue Spelling

Rest in peace and travel across that Rainbow bridge Mimi La Rue Spelling- beloved pug, fashionista and star of So noTORIous, Tori & Dean: Inn Love, Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. Hope the writers can cope with your loss because without you, what is the point of the show?

Mimi's biggest accomplishment was to make all people around her aware of rescue. While she was a pet store purchase, (unlike lucky me!) Mimi spent her life making people aware of puppy mills and rescue, and to that end, she donated all the profits from her garage sales to rescue. Mimi, you have done well, your human is now a rescue activist and your legacy of love lives on.

R.I.P. Mimi,

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LiFe StriFe

So I had to stop watching the news because of JD. Apparently his show was coming on and we all know how he feels about "his LALA". That whole thing is so absurd and why on earth do the 2legged encourage it???? I don't know. But if you want to see ridiculous... look:

First of all... LALA is not a Bichon! And second ... She is YELLOW! And third she is weird!

What really usept me was that I watching a very interesting story about Trouble Helmsley.

Have you heard that some 2legged stole 10 millions from Trouble?? Trouble's mom left him 12 millions. Some 2legged now took 10 millions. That is a lot of chewies! Why are they stealing from a doggie??? If they need money they should do what my daddy does. He goes in the car and then to the money place where the 2legged in the window gives him money and treats for us in a small envelope! My daddy would never take my money. (If I had 10 millions I would give him some!) It is sooo upsetting! Trouble you need to get a 2legged to speak for you. My 2legged family members do that. Maybe you should call them and then maybe I can help you hide your 2 millions so nobody takes it?

I want my own TV


No words NEEDED Vick dog’s new life

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My HERO award goes to Dr. Victoria Hampshire

THANK YOU Dr. Victoria Hampshire, the brilliant veterinarian and FDA safety officer who collected and analyzed the data on ProHeart6. Her work forced ProHeart6 manufacturer Fort Dodge Animal Health, (Wyeth pharmaceuticals), to remove ProHeart6 from the market.

Dr Hampshire's diligence unleashed the wrath of Wyeth. The drug giant retaliated against Dr. Hampshire by hiring investigators to discredit her by gathering information on Dr. Hampshire's home, her tax records and a her website. NICE going Wyeth! Profit above all?! So why stop at killing a few dogs, ruining a few humans... whatever it takes... IN THE NAME OF PROFIT... truly despicable. In the end... after much infliction of distress on our hero, she prevailed.

Speaking for myself, other dogs and my 2legged family, WYETH WE ARE WATCHING YOU. Your greed will be your downfall. The real question for America is: If Wyeth can't be trusted , should America buy their products?


****** ProHeart6 is back on the market! Tell your 2leggeds that you don't want it!*****

A big fat raspberry to the FDA


HUGE RESCUE RUMMAGE-A-RAMA June 21, 2008 8:30 AM to 1:30 PM Hickory Ruritan Club 2752 S. Battlefield Blvd. Chesapeake, VA Benefits Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue. Shop in air-conditioned comfort! Rain or Shine! Fresh baked bread, healthy, homemade dog biscuits! Over 20 families- unique Christmas collectibles, Household Items, books, videos, craft supplies, more!

THIS IS FOR MY RESCUE! Silvieon2 is baking bread and I am supervising! :)

Things I am CALLED

Ok. I cannot be the only Bichon with this problem. I am sure there are a few of you out there with the same issue. It is the humans. The 2legged ones. Just when you think you understand their language, you think you have leaned all the appropriate responses, they call you with some of the weirdest names! I really mean weird. Ehmm. Out of love I will protect the identity of the 2 legged ones that have said these things to me, but honestly! And I know they have done the same thing to JD and to Wendy. JD just ignores most of the stuff, Wendy walks away (And who can blame her??) I am left scratching my head as to the meaning of the comment and what the appropriate response would be. This is a sample of what I hear:

"Hi there powderpuff...." Powderpuff? Am I supposed to dip myself in something and fling myself at their face?
"Liquorish lips" Ha. How droll, I suppose a compliment if you like the stuff. I smelled it-Ick nasty nasty nasty, so NOT a compliment by me.
"Cupcake" ??? SO where is my frosting? When was the last time you peeled paper off my bottom? { ok- nevermind.}
"Yummy Tummy." Ok, that is revolting on so many levels I just don't know where to begin.
"Sugar Bugger." Ditto above sentiment- squared. Just stop it. Please.
"Bubelah." Ok I like that one.
"Zucchero filato." Do I look like spun sugar? I would be sooo sticky and we all know how you feel about a sticky Bichon!
"Fuzzy baby" Gee, I should call you "shaved human?"
This one simply makes NO SENSE! "Sugar lump of dirt" Yea, if you know what it means, let me in on it.
"Bitching Frizzie" Yawn. Do they need more proof your college and post grad education was a waste????
JD gets "Lover boy". And you know this how? Never mind I don't want to know.
"Miss Patoush" ok. I get this when I refuse to move. How is being called Miss Patoush going to motivate me to move?
OK, then there is a whole group of... boring unimaginative, overused, obnoxious and obvious nicknames. Addressing all that fit in that category with a general comment: If you cannot committ to thinking of a better nickname, call me by my given name instead! So no more, "Furball" "Cottontail" "Qtip" "Fluff monster" and the like. ok?
Oh oh oh I cannot forget this one. "Pisher King." JD got called that. All 3 of us shook our heads.
Do I make my point? Enough with the dumb names!!!!
Miss 'vie to you!

Monday, June 16, 2008

on the DUMB sign poll

FRUMPT... I thought you cared. I thought you loved me. The poll on the sign is INCONCLUSIVE. 5 to 5 . Five votes say it stays 5 votes say it goes. Seeing as the votes cancel each other out... I guess nothing will change. FRUMPT. We must devise a tie breaker method that is fair and proper. Like... who blitzes the longest decides? [I would win- paws down I would win] or maybe you have a better idea?

Sign me farklempt....'vie

Sunday, June 15, 2008


My Wendy, she is my best friend. I love her.

JD (he is handsome, but we will not admit that to his face)

one of three 'vie

OOOps I forgot


Lady who thinks we are POODLES.... needs

BICHONS rule!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

doing the BOARDWALK

What does any self respecting Bichon do on a lazy Sunday afternoon post grooming?
What else? The Boardwalk and the Boardwalk Art Show in VA Beach!. After all, one must show off the soft, new "do", the white as snow Bichon puff and puppy cut ears... You know, it is a little strange to hear 2legged ones moan when they see the 3 of us approaching. I guess they normally only see one dog at a time. But we travel as a pack which is the ONLY way to go! I also liked riding with the window down and sniffing up the tourists and the ocean. Do you know that the police officers ride horses in Virginia Beach? They smell icky. The horses, I mean. Hi Ossifers! :((((( The mama would NOT allow us on the sand. Frumpt. She whined about just being groomed, staying clean etc etc. I think the grandma is coming this week too. I really thought JD would have been much angrier than he was. But I guess the heat was enough and sand would have been too much so it all worked out. Really why don't they air condition the beach? It would be so much nicer. Of course, it would also be nicer if some of the 2 legged owned a mirror. I mean... really some of them wore the strangest things! It has been a grand weekend. CareALot yesterday, [we saw so many dogs! And Wendy got to be mama to a puppy for a little while] Today we went to a new pet shop at Janif and the Boardwalk. It is a dog's life! I am just lucky to be that dog!
Ohh I forgot that Friday we went to the new plaza at Greenbrier. That was very very nice. That gushy thing got me wet, but it was nice. Daddy called it a fountain. I call it the gushy thing because it gushes. Why do they have that anyway? If you go there, stay dry, and there is a strange lady who calls you poodle. This is even after mama said Bichon, strange lady insisted on poodle. Good thing I do not have fingers. I 'd give her a poodle... Oh well.
living la vida loca

Saturday, June 14, 2008


LOOK! DIBS! I call dibs! All mine, mine, mine!
Whoaaaa. A full tray of chicken jerkies! Moma says a few more minutes before they are done. I smell them and they smell way better than the North Carolina fires! That smoke is coming all the way here and it smells bad. But I am happy inside, smelling my treats!
Hey JD, hey Wendyyyyy... ALLLLLLLL MINE!
Fressing da chicken!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

DRUMROLL please (Part 2)

Well, it took long enough, but it finally happened.

The mama found my hidden chewy! Problem is... she washed it! I had hidden it so carefully inside the duvet cover on the bed. I checked every day and it was still there! Wendy and JD didn't find it. Honestly, it was such a great hiding place. JD smelled it but but could not figure out how to get it it. I was SO smug.

Then, this morning... disaster.

The mama decided to change the duvet cover. (She does this, she does this a LOT! I mean as soon as you get used to one, there is another one on the bed.) I have no idea why... Has to be a human thing. You get all your good smells on something and they go and take it away. Does anyone know why that is? Anyway. The mama came in, peeled off the cover and threw it in the washing machine. You guessed it. My chewy went for a spin in the washer. It also went for a tumble in the dryer... and finally fell out when mama was folding the cover to put it in the closet. I was there, ready, waiting... anticipating. I mean I have never had a machine washed machine dried chewy before! I snatched it up as it fell out only to have mama take it from me to see what it was. Well, she did give it back after muttering "How did that get in the laundry?" I pretended not to hear her, took my chewy and walked off. A few observations:

a) My chewy is softer now.

b) The good smell is almost gone and it smells more like sheets.

c) The chewy is very white now.

d) While I am glad I have my chewy back- IT IS NOT THE SAME!

I sacrificed for my audience. Someone owes me a chewy!

"I've been cheated.....when will I be loved?"


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The ART of the beg

Yes, yes, yes! It is an art, and it demands dedication, practice and development of the craft. This post is for all the Bichons out there who feel they are not scoring as many treats as they should. Some easy pointers will freshen up your skills, so, read on and practice:
The far away beg --best used when what you want is far from you.

<~~~ focus and squint on what you want.

Slowly let out a sigh... Make them pay attention to you. Make a weird noise that will get them to worry about you. ;) BUT DO NOT MOVE. Do not respond when they call you. MAKE THEM COME TO YOU. You are using their anxiety to get your way.

The close up look with the implied question:

"Are you NOT going to share that with little old me???"

Notice the eyes, the look of dejection, the implied pityfulness.

Hold your pose! Do not get distracted, maintain eye contact.

Done correctly this pose taps into their guilt.
Very effective with 2legged females.

<~~~ This is an advanced sitting and glaring pose. Fluff yourself out, own the pose. Feel the sit. Ground yourself into the position. Once you lock your eyes on the wanted target HOLD IT. Do not lose contact. JUST focus. Make them feel your want.

Very important: Do not wag your tail (you are trying to be taken seriously here). They have to earn a tail wag.

Notice the perfect extension and line on the neck and the pouty lower lip. Now that is how a pro does it! Find a mirror and practice!

You are bringing out the "awe" response, the guilties and the cuteness factor.

This is the standing soft touch. You need to be gentle, insistent and again... focused!

A Master beggar knows that the key to this pose is to underplay it. Almost as if you do not want to be felt or seen. (ha ha)

Make sure only one paw touches them. Do not make sounds, do not wag the tail, just touch and focus.

Make sure that the non touching paw is bent. It adds to the cuteness factor, makes you more puppylike and it helps your balance.

Mastering this pose will get you noticed!

Finally the grandaddy of the beg poses. Do not try this until you have mastered the other poses.

This is the full on standing beg. Mastering this will get you a reward just 'cause it's a hard pose!

Caution, don't use this pose too frequently. The last thing we want is for 2legged ones to expect us to walk on 2 all the times!

Look at the eyes- locked on the target. Look at the lower lip, pouty, ears back, paws out.... perfection. This is a lethal pose. It kills the No No and insures a YES every time.

Works very well with 2legged males.

Well good luck, and practice!. Let me know how it all works out for you.

As the BegMaster says: "Be one with the beg"


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

BYTE this

So. It is hot outside, and summer is making an early appearance. I decided to help the mama cook. (I like samples and I like the smells that come from the kitchen. In fact, that is my favorite room.) This cooking thing is a complicated deal! But you get to wear a hat, you get to look at books with pictures of food, and then you get to take lots of stuff from the refrigerator and the pantry and after you make it all messy, you get to taste the samples. Really. My most favorite snack we made was CHICKEN BREAST JERKY TREATS. The only bad part is that it took a long long time for them to get done, but oh so worth it! I love them. If you want to try them, follow the directions below. Good luck and you should double the recipe and send me some!

Step one. Have your 2legged one open the fridge and take out the chicken breasts.
Step two. Tell them to slice the chicken breasts into thin strips;
Step three. Then tell them to lightly season with some salt and toss.

Step four. Place the strips on a non-stick or greased cookie sheet- Mama likes her silpat for this;

Step five. (and this is the longest step!!!!!) bake in the oven at 180 degrees overnight or for several hours during the day - it will be jerky when done!

Step six. Let the chicken cool before placing in plastic bags; and freeze some for later.

Step seven. The most important step! Feed some immediately to your Bichon taste taster. If they are not available, feed me some!

Step five took so long I fell asleep waiting for the treats!

But when these treats are done they scream BYTE Me!!!!

Remember, you are what you eat!

P.S. These are SAFE, healthy, low fat and....delicious!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Puppy OWNS? German Shepard?

Nahhh little dog plays with with big dog!

Look at the video above. Only a human would think this was aggressive behavior.

As a proud dog I can assure you these guys are JUST playing! I know. I have done the same thing with JD and with Wendy. We love playing the teeth game and scare all of you 2 legged ones, BUT it is ONLY a game!!! See the big dog is belly up at the end with a ball in his mouth! That is PLAY. Do any of you know the phone number of the cute little guy? I would love to give him a call and set up a play date. :)))

Sunday, June 8, 2008


One of my infrequent readers (and you know who you are!) accused my blog of not offering enough substance. Hellooooo I am a puppy! But in any case I apparently have way more going on in my little brain than some of the 2legged ones...

I am a rescue dog. Keep that in mind. Ok. Look at this sign.

Dogs are people too.

Even with the most benign interpretation, the sign is simply wrong. Assuming the intended purpose is to inspire better treatment for dogs, the sign is marginally acceptable. But humans are not always nice to other humans and some of them are very mean to dogs. So giving dogs human status is not really a compliment. Some of us see it as an INSULT. If you want to elevate us, you could say: DOGS ARE GOOD PEOPLE TOO. Why not compare us to Louis Vuitton purses or Bulgari jewels? No one ever mistreates them! You get my point. I will accept "Dogs are good people too" because that qualifies it enough. There are GOOD people. I met lots of them at the Bichon Bash and many of them were accomplished petters.

(Ehmmm is this deep enough for you yet? Need a floatie or are you sinking in the sea of existential philosophy yet?)

Well in case you need to ruminate on this a little longer, you absolutely need the qualifier, "good people" because otherwise you are left to ponder the following:

If dogs are people you know any canine Hitlers? Any canine Dahmers? Vicks? I don't need to add to that list to make my point. To my knowledge no dog has ever done harm on the scale that some 2legged ones have. And before you throw in my face the occasional dog bite, mauling. etc. let me remind you that more than likely a human taught that 4legged to be vicious. Or a human "bred" it to be vicious. We act out of instinct and fear when training fails. Training is YOUR responsibility. You took that task on when you decided to domesticate us.

So, I am now going to ask you all to vote on whether the dumb sign stays up or gets fixed or it comes down. Or you can tell me why it should stay up.

I think therefore I am...


DRUMROLL please 2

OK. For you guys anything. This is a 3 step process. As Ricky would say to Lucy: "let me "splain":
A. Get a chewie. Not so easy, you have to talk them into giving you a chewie and that is NOT easy. They have to read the whole bag, it cannot be from China, it must be "natural", free of poisons [no dye no HFC... etc etc.]
B. Take the hard earned chewie and risk losing it by taking it into THE BED. For some reason they do not like things on the bed. Go figure. They put piddows and sheets on the bed, ... those are things! But they do not allow chewies. No logic.
C. When they are not looking, you must hide the chewie and pretend you just jumped off the bed because you are bored. {A sacrifice on my part. That chewie has 3 more inches of good chewing on it!!!!} Anyway, I did it! And I am risking the chewie again. I mean JD or Wendy could find it . But like No, you do not get a pic of where I hid it until someone else finds it!!!! DUH. Otherwise they would look here and know where it is hidden! Don't worry I will describe the findings and drama... :) just hope I get my chewy back!
Laying it all on the line

Friday, June 6, 2008

My taste in LITERATURE


Oh how I wish I could do the mama's eye roll. She has this way of rolling her eyes when she is conveying an idea. Well, I cannot, but I have mastered the fake sorry guilty look that MUST follow a "literary session". I like literature. LOOOOOOVE books. I think it is something I picked up at White Cottage where Auntie Robin first took me in. She is a librarian, so I think I got my taste for books from her. And I live in a house full of lawyers, so... books are everywhere. :)

Much to the dad's chagrin, I LOVE his choice of literature. Well, love is not the operative word here. He leaves his books where I can get to them. My lack of thumbs makes it impossible to get them off the bookcase and mama is a wee bit OCD about things in "their place", so no chance her stuff is anywhere about. My last "book session" made daddy change colors. Honest. He is like a chameleon! He went from pink raw chicken colored... to beet red. Wonder what it would take to make him ...yellow?! Well, anyhow... he was so red it was weird. I mean I did not change the words on the pages! I did not change the ideas. [the book is the same as it was!] I just "partook' of the book on my own terms. So why on earth would the man be mad????

The daddy needs to learn to SHARE! Any way, what books have you enjoyed lately?
Knowledge is POWER!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

BUY me

Look how sad I look!!!!

It's because I don't have enough toys. Sigh.

My Wish List

Love is a battlefield,

Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hi. This picture was taken on Saturday. I was just hanging around with my 2legged brother. We watched a movie, [I think I fell asleep at some point ]. Strange stuff goes on in my house. 2legged ones come and go. Sometimes there are people in all the bedrooms. It is hard to find a quiet spot for a nap. You are constantly being touched by 2legged ones. And then there are days like today.... they are all gone except the mama.

Where did they all go? Did they forget to take me along? I went along to Williamsburg, and Washington and other places. I loved the place with the up down closet! It was a neat closet. You walked in, the door would close and the closet would woosh you up to another floor! Honest! I wish we had an up down closet in this house! The mama said that I look blue today. I hope not. I am happy being a Bichon. I don't want to be a smurf! But I do miss the 2legged curly girl, you know, my human sister and I even miss the 2 legged brother. It is just that the house is very empty today. Maybe we can get the other 2 legged lady back- the grandma. Ehhh. Like I said, thinks are just very quiet. Oh, there is something new. Mama calls it dad's altar of immolation. Really it is just a new grill and I like it because my lamb chops come out of there and they are very tasty! I am going to play with the Wendy Pohh.
Ciao y'all


Sunday, June 1, 2008

He had it COMING

"He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you'd have been there
If you'd have seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!"


You know how bunnies
have these little habits
That get you down. Like Bunny Fru Fru
Bunny liked to squeak.
No, not squeak. SQUEAL. So I came home this one day,
And I am really irritated, and i'm
looking for a little bit of sympathy
and there's Bunny layin'
on the rug squeaking. No, not squeakin'.
Squealing'. So, I said to him,
I said, "You squeal that
tail one more time..."
and he did.
So I took him in my mouth and fired two warning bites right into his
...into his head. ``````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````````` "He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you'd have been there
If you'd have seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!"

Velma....aka 'vie