Thursday, June 19, 2008

How do YOU tell them APART?

OMG! I can't believe humans! I finally got momma to take us for a walk. We were walking along as we always do. Me taking the lead to sniff out the good spots, JD following closely behind erasing my every mark and Wendy, as always at momma's side (she is such a brown nose...) Anyway, we saw a human walking funny in the opposite direction. She walked like she had to go tinkle or something. On our way home, again we see the same 2legged one, still doing the squirm walk. This time she crosses the street, walks over and starts talking to momma. {IRK! I mean this is OUR walk not her CHAT time! Go away!!!!} She tells us she has been "power walking" . Ehm. So when I have to go outside and I squirm walk I am power walking? I N T E R E S T I N G.
After some comment about the weather, the "walker" asks momma,"How do you tell them apart?" OMG. Really. I wanted momma to say "I use my eyes" or..."I look" or even better
"I can tell because my mother did not have me standing up"... But all momma said was "Each is unique, each has a different personality and they do not look alike at all." Ok, all accurate, but I still wish she would have snapped at the human. As we walked home, I was thinking about this 2legged. I expected her to actually use her eyes. But what can I really expect? She had no fabulous white fluff. There was no curl in her hair. Her nose looked nothing like licorice. And her ears... her ears.... I'm willing to bet she mainlined the botox because they didn't move AT ALL when she spoke.

So much better being 4legged! We NEVER make dumb comments.

Lucky to be me

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