Friday, June 6, 2008

My taste in LITERATURE


Oh how I wish I could do the mama's eye roll. She has this way of rolling her eyes when she is conveying an idea. Well, I cannot, but I have mastered the fake sorry guilty look that MUST follow a "literary session". I like literature. LOOOOOOVE books. I think it is something I picked up at White Cottage where Auntie Robin first took me in. She is a librarian, so I think I got my taste for books from her. And I live in a house full of lawyers, so... books are everywhere. :)

Much to the dad's chagrin, I LOVE his choice of literature. Well, love is not the operative word here. He leaves his books where I can get to them. My lack of thumbs makes it impossible to get them off the bookcase and mama is a wee bit OCD about things in "their place", so no chance her stuff is anywhere about. My last "book session" made daddy change colors. Honest. He is like a chameleon! He went from pink raw chicken colored... to beet red. Wonder what it would take to make him ...yellow?! Well, anyhow... he was so red it was weird. I mean I did not change the words on the pages! I did not change the ideas. [the book is the same as it was!] I just "partook' of the book on my own terms. So why on earth would the man be mad????

The daddy needs to learn to SHARE! Any way, what books have you enjoyed lately?
Knowledge is POWER!

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