Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Hi. This picture was taken on Saturday. I was just hanging around with my 2legged brother. We watched a movie, [I think I fell asleep at some point ]. Strange stuff goes on in my house. 2legged ones come and go. Sometimes there are people in all the bedrooms. It is hard to find a quiet spot for a nap. You are constantly being touched by 2legged ones. And then there are days like today.... they are all gone except the mama.

Where did they all go? Did they forget to take me along? I went along to Williamsburg, and Washington and other places. I loved the place with the up down closet! It was a neat closet. You walked in, the door would close and the closet would woosh you up to another floor! Honest! I wish we had an up down closet in this house! The mama said that I look blue today. I hope not. I am happy being a Bichon. I don't want to be a smurf! But I do miss the 2legged curly girl, you know, my human sister and I even miss the 2 legged brother. It is just that the house is very empty today. Maybe we can get the other 2 legged lady back- the grandma. Ehhh. Like I said, thinks are just very quiet. Oh, there is something new. Mama calls it dad's altar of immolation. Really it is just a new grill and I like it because my lamb chops come out of there and they are very tasty! I am going to play with the Wendy Pohh.
Ciao y'all


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