Sunday, June 15, 2008

doing the BOARDWALK

What does any self respecting Bichon do on a lazy Sunday afternoon post grooming?
What else? The Boardwalk and the Boardwalk Art Show in VA Beach!. After all, one must show off the soft, new "do", the white as snow Bichon puff and puppy cut ears... You know, it is a little strange to hear 2legged ones moan when they see the 3 of us approaching. I guess they normally only see one dog at a time. But we travel as a pack which is the ONLY way to go! I also liked riding with the window down and sniffing up the tourists and the ocean. Do you know that the police officers ride horses in Virginia Beach? They smell icky. The horses, I mean. Hi Ossifers! :((((( The mama would NOT allow us on the sand. Frumpt. She whined about just being groomed, staying clean etc etc. I think the grandma is coming this week too. I really thought JD would have been much angrier than he was. But I guess the heat was enough and sand would have been too much so it all worked out. Really why don't they air condition the beach? It would be so much nicer. Of course, it would also be nicer if some of the 2 legged owned a mirror. I mean... really some of them wore the strangest things! It has been a grand weekend. CareALot yesterday, [we saw so many dogs! And Wendy got to be mama to a puppy for a little while] Today we went to a new pet shop at Janif and the Boardwalk. It is a dog's life! I am just lucky to be that dog!
Ohh I forgot that Friday we went to the new plaza at Greenbrier. That was very very nice. That gushy thing got me wet, but it was nice. Daddy called it a fountain. I call it the gushy thing because it gushes. Why do they have that anyway? If you go there, stay dry, and there is a strange lady who calls you poodle. This is even after mama said Bichon, strange lady insisted on poodle. Good thing I do not have fingers. I 'd give her a poodle... Oh well.
living la vida loca

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