Sunday, June 8, 2008


One of my infrequent readers (and you know who you are!) accused my blog of not offering enough substance. Hellooooo I am a puppy! But in any case I apparently have way more going on in my little brain than some of the 2legged ones...

I am a rescue dog. Keep that in mind. Ok. Look at this sign.

Dogs are people too.

Even with the most benign interpretation, the sign is simply wrong. Assuming the intended purpose is to inspire better treatment for dogs, the sign is marginally acceptable. But humans are not always nice to other humans and some of them are very mean to dogs. So giving dogs human status is not really a compliment. Some of us see it as an INSULT. If you want to elevate us, you could say: DOGS ARE GOOD PEOPLE TOO. Why not compare us to Louis Vuitton purses or Bulgari jewels? No one ever mistreates them! You get my point. I will accept "Dogs are good people too" because that qualifies it enough. There are GOOD people. I met lots of them at the Bichon Bash and many of them were accomplished petters.

(Ehmmm is this deep enough for you yet? Need a floatie or are you sinking in the sea of existential philosophy yet?)

Well in case you need to ruminate on this a little longer, you absolutely need the qualifier, "good people" because otherwise you are left to ponder the following:

If dogs are people you know any canine Hitlers? Any canine Dahmers? Vicks? I don't need to add to that list to make my point. To my knowledge no dog has ever done harm on the scale that some 2legged ones have. And before you throw in my face the occasional dog bite, mauling. etc. let me remind you that more than likely a human taught that 4legged to be vicious. Or a human "bred" it to be vicious. We act out of instinct and fear when training fails. Training is YOUR responsibility. You took that task on when you decided to domesticate us.

So, I am now going to ask you all to vote on whether the dumb sign stays up or gets fixed or it comes down. Or you can tell me why it should stay up.

I think therefore I am...


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Anonymous said...

Is that the same as "people are dogs too"