Sunday, June 8, 2008

DRUMROLL please 2

OK. For you guys anything. This is a 3 step process. As Ricky would say to Lucy: "let me "splain":
A. Get a chewie. Not so easy, you have to talk them into giving you a chewie and that is NOT easy. They have to read the whole bag, it cannot be from China, it must be "natural", free of poisons [no dye no HFC... etc etc.]
B. Take the hard earned chewie and risk losing it by taking it into THE BED. For some reason they do not like things on the bed. Go figure. They put piddows and sheets on the bed, ... those are things! But they do not allow chewies. No logic.
C. When they are not looking, you must hide the chewie and pretend you just jumped off the bed because you are bored. {A sacrifice on my part. That chewie has 3 more inches of good chewing on it!!!!} Anyway, I did it! And I am risking the chewie again. I mean JD or Wendy could find it . But like No, you do not get a pic of where I hid it until someone else finds it!!!! DUH. Otherwise they would look here and know where it is hidden! Don't worry I will describe the findings and drama... :) just hope I get my chewy back!
Laying it all on the line

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