Thursday, June 12, 2008

DRUMROLL please (Part 2)

Well, it took long enough, but it finally happened.

The mama found my hidden chewy! Problem is... she washed it! I had hidden it so carefully inside the duvet cover on the bed. I checked every day and it was still there! Wendy and JD didn't find it. Honestly, it was such a great hiding place. JD smelled it but but could not figure out how to get it it. I was SO smug.

Then, this morning... disaster.

The mama decided to change the duvet cover. (She does this, she does this a LOT! I mean as soon as you get used to one, there is another one on the bed.) I have no idea why... Has to be a human thing. You get all your good smells on something and they go and take it away. Does anyone know why that is? Anyway. The mama came in, peeled off the cover and threw it in the washing machine. You guessed it. My chewy went for a spin in the washer. It also went for a tumble in the dryer... and finally fell out when mama was folding the cover to put it in the closet. I was there, ready, waiting... anticipating. I mean I have never had a machine washed machine dried chewy before! I snatched it up as it fell out only to have mama take it from me to see what it was. Well, she did give it back after muttering "How did that get in the laundry?" I pretended not to hear her, took my chewy and walked off. A few observations:

a) My chewy is softer now.

b) The good smell is almost gone and it smells more like sheets.

c) The chewy is very white now.

d) While I am glad I have my chewy back- IT IS NOT THE SAME!

I sacrificed for my audience. Someone owes me a chewy!

"I've been cheated.....when will I be loved?"


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