Wednesday, June 18, 2008

LiFe StriFe

So I had to stop watching the news because of JD. Apparently his show was coming on and we all know how he feels about "his LALA". That whole thing is so absurd and why on earth do the 2legged encourage it???? I don't know. But if you want to see ridiculous... look:

First of all... LALA is not a Bichon! And second ... She is YELLOW! And third she is weird!

What really usept me was that I watching a very interesting story about Trouble Helmsley.

Have you heard that some 2legged stole 10 millions from Trouble?? Trouble's mom left him 12 millions. Some 2legged now took 10 millions. That is a lot of chewies! Why are they stealing from a doggie??? If they need money they should do what my daddy does. He goes in the car and then to the money place where the 2legged in the window gives him money and treats for us in a small envelope! My daddy would never take my money. (If I had 10 millions I would give him some!) It is sooo upsetting! Trouble you need to get a 2legged to speak for you. My 2legged family members do that. Maybe you should call them and then maybe I can help you hide your 2 millions so nobody takes it?

I want my own TV


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Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha!!!..Somebody should SERIOUSLY be a comedy writer, my favorite blog Silvie you are hysterical!!