Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The ART of the beg

Yes, yes, yes! It is an art, and it demands dedication, practice and development of the craft. This post is for all the Bichons out there who feel they are not scoring as many treats as they should. Some easy pointers will freshen up your skills, so, read on and practice:
The far away beg --best used when what you want is far from you.

<~~~ focus and squint on what you want.

Slowly let out a sigh... Make them pay attention to you. Make a weird noise that will get them to worry about you. ;) BUT DO NOT MOVE. Do not respond when they call you. MAKE THEM COME TO YOU. You are using their anxiety to get your way.

The close up look with the implied question:

"Are you NOT going to share that with little old me???"

Notice the eyes, the look of dejection, the implied pityfulness.

Hold your pose! Do not get distracted, maintain eye contact.

Done correctly this pose taps into their guilt.
Very effective with 2legged females.

<~~~ This is an advanced sitting and glaring pose. Fluff yourself out, own the pose. Feel the sit. Ground yourself into the position. Once you lock your eyes on the wanted target HOLD IT. Do not lose contact. JUST focus. Make them feel your want.

Very important: Do not wag your tail (you are trying to be taken seriously here). They have to earn a tail wag.

Notice the perfect extension and line on the neck and the pouty lower lip. Now that is how a pro does it! Find a mirror and practice!

You are bringing out the "awe" response, the guilties and the cuteness factor.

This is the standing soft touch. You need to be gentle, insistent and again... focused!

A Master beggar knows that the key to this pose is to underplay it. Almost as if you do not want to be felt or seen. (ha ha)

Make sure only one paw touches them. Do not make sounds, do not wag the tail, just touch and focus.

Make sure that the non touching paw is bent. It adds to the cuteness factor, makes you more puppylike and it helps your balance.

Mastering this pose will get you noticed!

Finally the grandaddy of the beg poses. Do not try this until you have mastered the other poses.

This is the full on standing beg. Mastering this will get you a reward just 'cause it's a hard pose!

Caution, don't use this pose too frequently. The last thing we want is for 2legged ones to expect us to walk on 2 all the times!

Look at the eyes- locked on the target. Look at the lower lip, pouty, ears back, paws out.... perfection. This is a lethal pose. It kills the No No and insures a YES every time.

Works very well with 2legged males.

Well good luck, and practice!. Let me know how it all works out for you.

As the BegMaster says: "Be one with the beg"



Mike said...

These must be shared techniques that they pass along to each other somehow. Our little Sonny is a master!

silvieon4 said...

Yes, genetic imprinting. I can see the pawprints of that imprinting all over my heart. They are masters of the heart string tug.