Friday, December 31, 2010

The lecture: can the tail wag the dog?

I have been asked this question enough times in my life, that I feel I must once and for all debunk the phrase.

While it is true that humans often say that the "tail is wagging the dog"' the reality is, that is a physical impossibility. Ehmm It is an anatomical impossibility. It all has to do with nerves, synoptic impulses, brain stuff and such, I looked it up in Miller's Anatomy (the Gray's Anatomy Book of the canine set.)

I have personally owned a tail for eight years and not once, not ever did my tail try to wag me!

Rest assured that your tail will NEVER wag you. Your tail takes orders from your head and not the other way around. It is like your paw, like your tongue, like your ears. You tell it what to do.
Don't fear your tail, my fellow four leggeds! Remember that it is behind you for a reason! It follows you and it does not lead you. It is YOUR tail, only you can do with it as you please.

So why is it that two leggeds speak this terrifying untruth? WHY? Is it to torture 4leggeds by instilling a new irrational fear?

Yes it is a sad truth, but we have all experienced it. The lie. The human lie. Don't look at me like that. I know it's hard to face. We all would love our humans to be always honest...BUT... How many times has "going for a ride" turned into a trip to the vet? How many times has "treat" been used to refer to...vitamins? How many times have you heard "not good for you"? [there might be some truth to that one]. Bottom line is humans lie. Some with good intentions and some...just 'cause they can.

But on this one expression, the reasons for it are far different.

They are rooted in deep jealousy and ignorance. Yes, jealousy. Humans are absolutely envious of our fantaboulous tails. It adds to the "carriage". In all its glory, a great tail is the most sincere expression of a dog's state of mind. The kind of sincerity that humans have difficulty with.

The origins of the phrase reveal much about humans and their state of mind... so, read on and stop fearing the irrational!
The Phrase Finder says, and I quote:


An item of minor importance dominating a situation.


This expression probably originated in the USA. There isn't a specific incident that it refers to that can be located there but there are many instances of it in print in US publications from the 1870s onwards, whereas there are none that come from any other country until well into the 20th century. The earliest citation that I can find is from The Daily Republican, April 1872: "Calling to mind Lord Dundreary's conundrum, the Baltimore American thinks that for the Cincinnati Convention to control the Democratic party would be the tail wagging the dog."

Ha- to quote Dr Sheldon from BIG BANG.... humor, "hah sneer ha". The terrifying phrase was an attempt at humor...
Well, fear not your tail! Enjoy it! Wag it, flare it, do as you will it is YOUR tail and you are the only one in charge of it!

Guest Lecturer for the Truth Series.

Thursday, December 30, 2010


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Why are naps in the arms of my two legged so much better than naps anywhere else?


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Dance of JOY!!!! Connor is going home!

Hear ye hear ye hear ye!!! CONNOR IS GOING TO HIS FOREVER HOME!!!
Now, in as much as we celebrate for Connor, really, his forever family is incredibly lucky to have this cutie pie! Look into those eyes. Look at that face. How will they ever say no to him?

Advice to Connor. Love with abandon, live with joy, accept love, be happy, YOU ARE HOME!!!!
Yippppppppppeeeeeee!!!! Connor, see you at the BASH! xoxoxoxoxox


Monday, December 27, 2010

How to video FLEA CONTROL application

How To Apply Flea Preventative
Uploaded by petside. - Watch hilarious animal videos

How to videos: NAILS

How To Cut Your Dog's Nails
Uploaded by petside. - Watch funny animal videos.

How to videos: MOUTH

How To Brush Your Dog's Teeth
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Winter is going to his forever homeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!
Yippyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!! Know would would make this even better???
Layla and Yuky going home. Greed is good!!!! But I am most grateful that Winter has found his family.
Winter, you lucky boy. And you do know we will always be in touch. Mhhh ink in the Bash, want to meet your family!

who is doing a happy crazy dance all over the place!!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

How to videos: EARS

How to videos: EYES

and it's still coming down!!!!

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I am NOT going outside

You better get a puppy pad ready for me. I am not going out there in the wet cold ick. And... I have to go now... so get me a pad!!!!!

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How to give a bath to your 4legged

How To Give Your Dog A Bath
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The how to videos

So, because I make momma feel insecure about everything she does when she is taking care of me, [I am a bit of a drama queen] momma looked for and found a reliable set on instructional mini videos at PETSIDE. Frumpt. Now the woman just rolls her eyes at me and continues doing what she is doing rather than second guessing herself.

Ok, I must admit, it is now a quicker "ordeal", but then again... I was getting treats from my pseudo dramas....Oh well back to working that cuteness angle.

In the interest of educating the other two leggeds out there and manking life easier on some poor four legged, we will publish the videos that momma found helpful. We thank Petside for their straight forward, good information and for allowing copying and embedding. Ignorance is NOT bliss and knowledge is POWER.


Saturday, December 25, 2010

Test driving the orangetang

You are a smug one....sitting on that couch like you own it. Want to see who is boss around here?

OFF the couch now!!! It is time you learn how powerful I am!

Growl and attack. Ignore the 2legged who can't figure out video mode on her camera! Feel my fury!

Squeak! I can make your belly honk and your feet squeak at will!

Now you know what shake rattle and roll means! Grrrr Orangetang grrrrr I tell you!

Ha! You are shedding out of fear!

I am the winner! You are conquered!. Ok now I am tired. Come, snuggle me.

You can stay. Yea yea, she is still trying to figure out how to video... whatever.... don't worry
in a minute she will be looking for the vac because you left some orange stuff all over...

Let's nap OK? I love you Orangetang.


Amnesty requested in the spirit of the season!


Read my card momma!! Read my card!! [I need that orange thing!!!!!]

Ok, now can I have it???? It's mine! Santa Paws said so!

I have to sniff it all!

But I am not ready to share! Stop squeaking my toy!

Oh great... a needy toy... really???

This is boring me already!!

Fine, I get the monkey on my back joke, now can you please take it off?
I have plans for Orangetang...
I need to get to the other bag, the one with the treats, or
I need to steal one of those wooden chewies Dowi is playing with.
What do you mean she needs all her puzzle pieces?
She has a whole box full, I only want one!

it is Christmas, she HAS to share!
Want to play with my Orangetang?

Friday, December 24, 2010

Waiting for Santa PAWS

In my taco bed, being patient, waiting for Santa PAWS.

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Matter of TRUST!!! WE LOVE YOU!!



Apologies and invitation to Santa Paws

Mhhh. I found this card momma received. Interesting. It is that Santa Paws dude with puppies and kittens. They don't look scared. They look sleepy. Maybe the dude is Ok after all? Maybe it was the mall that freaked me out. But generally I like malls...mhh mostly I like them from the safety of my plush buggy. So, I should invite the Santa Paws dude for cookies and some sort of an apology. Momma thinks for openers I should stop calling him "dude". Ooook. Mr. Sir Santa Paws, please accept my apologies for my behavior at the mall and please feel free to stop by for cookies, tart, cheesecake, caneles, whatever...

Sincerely, truly
PS please put me back on the nice list

Thursday, December 23, 2010