Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Stupid human TRICKS

Yes, this is what it is. A stupid HUMAN trick. Not photoshop.
I get it. They are stressed. Too much to do to meet all their unreasonable expectations.
I get that the pressure is getting to them. BUT.
Putting me in a bowl and telling me that I look good enough to be served....UNACCEPTABLE.
I think, it might even be abusive. [Auntie Robin.... are you out there?] Ahhh yes, the towel. Note that they love me enough to put a towel under my tushy. After all the bowl is cold.
For the record, I did not enjoy the experience and I take no great comfort from the thought that they think I look good enough to eat. [GULP....what a cannibalistic thought!]

If your 2legged is doing stuff like this, at this time of the year attribute it to holiday stress. But come Jan 1, they pull any trick like this.... 911dogs should be alerted.

Did they put their children in bowls???? Did they tell them they looked good enough to eat? OMD that would explain so much! I am so sorry Adam, Dowi.... I am so very sorry.... I am going upstairs, where I am safe...



silvieon4 said...

This was on my facebook page:

"Robin Gray I'll have to bring a spoon with me the next time I visit. You are so cute I could just eat you with a SPOON! Love, Auntie Robin"


rocky-dog said...

man, that is cold!

silvieon4 said...

Rocky , did you get the "feigned civility"? With a spoon, because without one it would be, so....uncivilized...911 dogs... is all I can say

rocky-dog said...

the only thing I can add is you should probably be glad your mama didn't put you in something that looks like a long bread-like roll -- if you get my drift

bichonpawz said...

You honestly do look really cute!!!