Saturday, December 18, 2010

RIP Brittany

A note to all of our friends at the Rainbow Bridge.

Hi guys, last night Brittany crossed over. Please take care of her and make sure that she is welcomed. Her journey was not easy and being out of pain must finally be wonderful. Auto immune disease made her life very difficult and I am sure that being a Maltese and being surrounded by Bichons was not always easy. But she was loved and her nickname Sweet said it all. God gave her uncle Jack and auntie Robin whose devotion and love exceeded the gravity of her disease. They loved her, unconditionally so. Every single possible medication, diet, protocol... everything was followed, anything that could have made Sweet's life better was done. Her tenure at White Dog Cottage chronicled her courage and endurance and spirit in her fight with the consequences of poor breeding practices by backyard breeders. Her little body was a summary of their greed. In the end, the last act of love and compassion was to let her go and be free of the pain.

Sweet, we will all miss you. Uncle Jack will miss you the most, BUT I promise you that we will not stop educating people and hopefully backyard breeders will go away because nobody will trust them enough to buy a dog from them.

ADOPT do not SHOP.

Brittany, be at peace, at last.

You will be missed.
'vie and family

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