Saturday, December 11, 2010


So, are you going to share?

I can? Seriously?!!!

Interesting lollipop.... it is cold, but.. I like it I think... Ok, you hold it, use those thumbs
Don't harsh my buzz. I don't want to hear that is healthy. Hush. I don't even know what electrolytes are, let alone than mine need replacing. [I threw up yesterday and I had an iffy belly and did not want my din din. I think I am ok today, but I am "working it.."]
Who cares that it's green! It tastes really yummy. Question, can you make it without the stick?
Blah Blah ... is dirt all you think about?

Let me just focus on this. What's in the middle? Liver? Chicken? I can smell something!!!!
I am calling dibs on the middle!


bichonpawz said...

'vie! Where did you get that super duper lollipop??? Think we may just want to check those things out!!! Sorry that you had a sick belly...sometimes that happens to us too. Is that one of those PedaLITE things???

silvieon4 said...

no it is a momma frozen lollipop. Chicken stock with whipped carrots and pumpkin and green beans with a chicken liver bit middle with a pinch of salt.

rocky-dog said...

Hmm, you are one lucky doglet. Your mama makes amazing stuff. I will need to get my mama to make this for ms next time I get the yurpies.

Ruby Rose and the Big Little Angels 3 said...

My sister Pocket and I decided that the term bitch should not be used for a female dog because humans use the word in cruel ways so we have been spreading the term lollipop to describe a female dog. We think it is much more fitting.