Monday, December 20, 2010


So... I have discovered something today. I have severe Santaphobia. Momma had the brilliant notion that we should all hop on Santa's lap and get our picture taken. Apparently Hanukkah Harry was not available. Anyway...following a short car ride, a long line wait, we finally were in close proximity to Santapaws. And that is when despite my best effort at compliance, things came to a halt. Look, I am not making excuses, I don't understand it myself, and I don't feel a need to justify it. Santa paws gave me the willies. All I could do was jump into momma's arms shaking like a leaf and gripping her like she was a life raft. There was no way under the sun I was going to be placed on that lap. Nada. No how. Assolutamente no. Nein.

The Wendy was ok until she saw my reaction and of course she immediately followed suit. She nearly pushed me out of momma's arms! JD does not count, he was into belly rubs and was getting plenty of those from two leggeds in line. He was oblivious... As always.

Momma being momma, attempted to place me on that lap a few more times while telling me that this was Santa. ( so what? I am still creeped out) Ultimately she realized the futility of her actions and gave up. For good measure I hung on to her like she was my life line until we got back to the car. In the safety of my car seat I finally stopped shaking.

Now the woman can't stop peppering me questions like "Was it the beard?" "Was it the smell?" "Was it the crowd.?"...
I wish she would stop. Who cares why or what, bottom line is....I HATED IT!
Is Hanukkah Harry different?



rocky-dog said...

Hey Silvie, I totally understand! It was VERY hard for me to get used to being picked up by total strangers. But one must "suck it up" for the arts -- if you know what I mean. Mama explained to me that this Santa dude at the malls is just another actor who is playing his role in the the commercial Christmas seasonal event. The whole red suit and beard thing is a bit over the top costume-wise, but then I've seen worse! So sorry to hear he freaked you out.

Marshmallow said...

Silvie, I am completely with you on this! A weird looking guy breaks into houses in the middle of the night, eats your cookies, and 2-leggeds are happy about this?! Creepy!

silvieon4 said...

Marshmallow, I know!!! You are so right! Two leggeds are plain plain plain weird. Have you ever met this Hanukkah Harry dude momma talks about?

Marshmallow said...

No, I haven't met Hanukkah Harry, but if he's anything like this Santa guy, forget it! I say, leave the cookies out for me and I'll take care of them. We don't need a stranger coming in!

silvieon4 said...

Once again, YOU ARE RIGHT!