Sunday, December 26, 2010

The how to videos

So, because I make momma feel insecure about everything she does when she is taking care of me, [I am a bit of a drama queen] momma looked for and found a reliable set on instructional mini videos at PETSIDE. Frumpt. Now the woman just rolls her eyes at me and continues doing what she is doing rather than second guessing herself.

Ok, I must admit, it is now a quicker "ordeal", but then again... I was getting treats from my pseudo dramas....Oh well back to working that cuteness angle.

In the interest of educating the other two leggeds out there and manking life easier on some poor four legged, we will publish the videos that momma found helpful. We thank Petside for their straight forward, good information and for allowing copying and embedding. Ignorance is NOT bliss and knowledge is POWER.


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