Sunday, December 5, 2010

What's he talking about?

JD "What sign?"
The Wendy "I thought it meant this was a hugging place"...
Silvieon4 "My bits and pieces???No way! That's....uncivilized! I am going to end up on a therapist's couch with a point-to doll! Seriously??? I don't even like having my temperature taken."
JD "What do they think we are hiding? Look NO THUMBS! And when I do hide my chewies the girls find them and take them I don't even bother hiding them anymore!"
The Wendy "Homeland security? Hmm Do they have anything to do with that German Shepard up the street who wears that plastic badge thingie and things he is special? 'Cause he is pretty clueless."
Silvieon4 "Sigh. Fine, touch me, pat me down, but you better be telling me what a pretty girl I am and how gorgeous my nose is, and how pretty my eyes are and how sweet I am and how fluffy and soft I am and how beautiful my tail is and keep your nose out of my ears. That is for people I love."
The Wendy "So they sign is not about a hugging place, it is more like a mugging place..."

Modern travel... ick.
'vie and the other pat down survivors.


rocky-dog said...

Hmm, Silvie, JD and Wendy. Mama says you should request the AIT machine -- unless you can convince the TSA guy that a belly rub is more sufficient than a full body grope. Mama says she always sets off alarms because she had two fake knees (eww!) so she is just going to go for the xray. She told me not to worry about the radiation as she currently doesn't glow in the dark (which I can confirm) and if she has made it this long she isn't going to worry about it anymore. Plus she said that if anyone was really interested in seeing her innards that was their problem.


silvieon4 said...

My innards??? Ewwwwww.... I just could not possibly entertain the thought of a full cavity search, even though my teeth are perfectly clean!

silvieon4 said...

Amantine Aurore Dupin ‎"end up on a therapist's couch with a point-to doll!" Oh 'vie! You ALWAYS make me laugh!