Saturday, December 25, 2010


Read my card momma!! Read my card!! [I need that orange thing!!!!!]

Ok, now can I have it???? It's mine! Santa Paws said so!

I have to sniff it all!

But I am not ready to share! Stop squeaking my toy!

Oh great... a needy toy... really???

This is boring me already!!

Fine, I get the monkey on my back joke, now can you please take it off?
I have plans for Orangetang...
I need to get to the other bag, the one with the treats, or
I need to steal one of those wooden chewies Dowi is playing with.
What do you mean she needs all her puzzle pieces?
She has a whole box full, I only want one!

it is Christmas, she HAS to share!
Want to play with my Orangetang?

1 comment:

Tucker said...

Oh that toys is fabulous! I would step on him and pull his arms.

woof - Tucker