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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Is that big chicken sick?

Gulp.... I watched momma this morning. It was my turn. [We take turns being the kitchen supervisor]... So... she took out the big chicken she has been brining , prepped it and trussed it, [she tied it up... no I have no idea why, I mean the thing could hardly think of escape... it has no feathers even...] then the strange happened.Momma mixed up some "medicine"???? Some brown liquid that smelled like soup and then she filled up a sticker. You know, the kind that Dr K sort of hides from you but then you feel it pinch you? Yes, syringe, that's the word! And that poor fat chicken got syringed all over.... and I mean all over! If it is that sick, why are we eating it? And then... I overheard momma talking about boning it and stuffing it and sounds like this chicken will have a lot more done to it...I am still confused about the syringe. It it was soup in there, they should have just given it to the chicken to eat, no???? In any case, I am taking cover, I can do my job very well from the safety of my couch with my buffer pillows.....

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If that syringe should start moving elsewhere, I am upstairs before you can blink....
Just weird, sometimes things around here are just weird...
I am just saying...


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