Monday, December 6, 2010

Happy dance! Kip found his forever home.

Nothing makes me happier then announcing news like this. Congrats Kip! How wonderful for you. Just think you are home for the holidays.

Now, dear Santa Paws, how about working your magic for the others four leggeds at White Dog Cottage?

These guys are my buds and really they all deserve a loving forever home, so... How about it?

Dancing for Kip. :)


silvieon4 said...

Donna Darby, Karen Algeo Krizman and Sugarbear DeJong like this.

bichonpawz said...

WOOHOO for Kip!!! I sure hope the others at the White Dog Cottage find their furever homes too REAL SOON!! I was so happy when I drove the Philadelphia to get LadyBug!!!

Anonymous said...

And he loves his new home. It is hard to type with him in my lap, but he seems happy here and loves all the new smells

silvieon4 said...

:) So happy to hear that. Stay in touch. Silvieon4