Monday, December 20, 2010


Help our friends at Life with 5 dogs find this puppy, this is from their blog:
"Heartbroken little girl in Manchester NH
I received a call this week from the Mayor's wife who needed my help. Her next door neighbor's little puppy 16 week old rottie is missing. My first thought was that she might have fallen into the koi pond and drowned. This needed to be searched first! That was done the local fire department drained the pond and came up with nothing. THANK GOD!

This is a fenced in backyard. There is no way that this dog jumped over the fence. This Dog was Stolen from it's own fenced in yard. The family is heartbroken especially the 6 year old little girl. We have been trying to find it and would love to make this families Christmas dreams come true.

Puppies don't just disappear. The dog is microchipped and has been reported stolen. Someone has to know something. I have a Christmas wish to ask from all the blogging community. Please spread the word about this dog. I will keep this post up for a few days. It is going to take a village to bring this little girl her puppy back!"

This is the Puppy that is Missing please Keep your eyes open for her!

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