Wednesday, December 22, 2010

RIP BeeGee and Jefferson

Have to stop. Have to take a moment. Got some news this morning that has taken my breath. Two of White Dog Cottage alums has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.
BeeGee at age 18, quietly slipped away to be with his human dad Buddy. His momma and his foster momma are grieving. I take consolation from knowing that Mr Buddy now has his BeeGee with him. Miss Betty and Miss Susan, thank you for loving him until the end. He was lucky to have had you during his old age. BeeGee lost his first human momma to cancer, I bet he is having lots of reunions up there. Rest in peace old man, you lived a full life.

Another of our alumni has also crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge. Jefferson who was loved and adored by his mom Morag and his dad Brian. Jefferson the King. That's what he was to them. Or Sweet Jeffy. We all knew him to be daring Jeff who climbed on the coolers and figured out how to get to the food on the table at the Bash. [ He was the first one to ever to that!] Jefferson is now out of pain, but his momma and dad are grieving and missing him. While we can only offer words of comfort, we are all here sharing their loss. Our TBFR family sends you love, and prayers and we are grateful to you for making Jefferson's life so special.

'vie and family

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