Saturday, June 30, 2012

Woman breaks car window to save dog from hot car

Woman breaks car window to save dog from hot car » DogHeirs | Where Dogs Are Family « Keywords: hot car, car window, police, city animal ordinance


Flowers and kisses and kudos to this wonderful lady. Mrs. Jones THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!




Treat alley

Nothing is free or easy at my house. Something about stimulating our brains...


That momma does not know the words to the song Summertime. You know... "when the living is easy..."  It is summer!  It is supposed to be easy living!!!!  She has to make it hard.

Rolling my beautiful eyes. Yes they are beautiful. Everybody says so.

Anywho, this is her "snack puzzle alley". Want a treat? Got to work for it. Drat.

The Wendy is the hardest working girl I know. Moi, I will not let them have the satisfaction. Puzzle this: treats come to me, NOT the other way around.I am Silvieon4,  I was rescued, I was meant for a better life!  What is this caca about having to work for something? Cuteness is my cache` by my Bichon birthright.  Read the rules lady, read the rules. {Ehm. They are written somewhere, right? They are codified, sealed, with Apostilles, witnessed and notarized, right... there are rules... there have to be rules...}


somebody please find a copy of dem rules.....vade mecum

on the verge of vanishing

Dear Dani

Soooo, I hear you are way older than 7 today.
Happy birthday.
Here is the good news.  I have a slice of birthday cake for you.
Here is the bad news.  It is a virtual slice, so it has no taste.
No smell, no yummitude.
But there is more good news too:

Next time, could you tell momma you like apple cake. because that's my fav and I could have some and I could enjoy your birthday. Choco death is not for moi.

Happy happy b'day
'vie and fan damily

Friday, June 29, 2012

Things that BURN

if your tootsies can't take that heat, what makes you think that my paws can?

It's grass or carry me. It is expected to reach over 100 degrees today. Sooooo let's get real, I am staying in or going in the pool. 

Walking on hot pavement or hot sand can and will cause paw pad injuries and burns. Yes actual blisters and burns. Yes with actual pain.

And just so you understand, a dog's paw pad injuries are hard to treat because paw pad cuts, blisters and sores are prone to infection and healing is slow due to the constant pressure placed on the dog's injured paw. And if one paw in injured... chances are all four paws are injured...

Prevention is worth a pound of cure two pounds of guilt and three pounds of shame.
You can avoid injury with some common sense:
  • Walk the dog in the early morning or evening to avoid paw pad burns.
  • Walk the dog on the grass..
  • Take frequent short, dog walks on the pavement during cool times of day. Getting the pads accustomed to pavement and getting some callous formation is done over time, slowly...then you can take longer walks.
  • Moisturize the dog's paws on a daily basis.We like Udder Balm, we love TeaTree oil. Just like your tootsies...moisturizing the dog's paw pads will prevent cracking, peeling and minor pad cuts.

Treating Paw Pad Injuries Like Burns, Blisters and Sores

If a heat-related foot pad injury does occur, it is imperative that you treat it promptly and properly:
  • Wash the dog's injured paw pad using antibacterial soap and rinse thoroughly.
  • Pat the injured foot with a clean towel to dry the area.
  • Pour an antiseptic like betadine (preferred)  over the burned, blistered or cut paw pad and allow the liquid to air dry. (Note: do not use Hydrogen peroxide which can damage tissue and delay healing.)
  • Apply a generous amount of antibiotic ointment to the site of the dog's foot pad injury.
  • Wrap the paw and ankle with rolled gauze. Roll the gauze in a "figure 8" pattern, looping around the paw and ankle to prevent the bandage from slipping off.
  • Slip a sock over the bandaged paw, placing a bit of tape around the dog's leg at the sock's ankle to hold the sock in place. The sock will prevent soiling of the foot bandage.
  • Carry the dog to the veterinarian. Antibiotics  and anti inflammatories are often prescribed for a paw pad cut, burn or sore due to the high risk of infection. And older dogs are at high risk for complications.

Nuff said. pay attention, we are NOT made out of stones.

Love is in the air. What are you looking at?

what are you looking at momma? Privacy please!  Put away the flashy box.
Yea, my tail is out of focus, I was fanning it!
Momma needs a life, or a hobby. Taking pictures of us kissing is NOT healthy. Momma is a stalker or a peeping tom...they arrest people for that, no?


Thursday, June 28, 2012

keeping company


nothing beats a good ear sniffing session



Momma spends wayyyyy to much time grooming the carpet. Seriously. Next house I vote NO CARPET. Even though I like how it feels, sometimes.


Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another dog hero

Mom: Dog saved baby son from drowning:

And yes world we are: LIFESAVERS 'vie

The colors of my summer

You didn't know I am an avid gardener?  I am!  I am in charge of watering my fav plants. Yes, I said watering.
I "water" and look at my efforts!  Fab, no?
This is JD's "watering effort". Colorful, but tiny. Sort of like him... mhh
The Wendy's favorite "watering spot".
This is community property and the total effort shows!


Congrats UGGIE!

Congrats Uggie, the first four legged to leave paw prints in cement outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre.

"The main message that Uggie would like to send to everybody out there is to please adopt," Uggie's trainer, Omar Van Muller, told the crowd. "He's adopted. He made it. If you guys can adopt a dog, even if they don't make it on the big screen, they'll be big stars at your house."

I do love that message.


The Wendy

Here is my Wendy Pooh.  She hates the vacuum cleaner, but by now she has figured out that it never goes on the bed.  So... when it comes out, she goes on the bed and watches and waits for it to go back to its place. I, on the other hand, have learned to go and pick up any thing I want to keep before the sucking beast makes it his.
I have been "petted" by the vac. It feels like it is sucking your fur off, quite relaxing if it wasn't such a loud thing. No inside voice on that one. I have no fears of the sucker upper. I know how to make it stop. You just have to push on the red thing.
Ooops did I just admit that out loud?
It was an accident momma, really, an accident....


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Elementary, Ms Watson... this was WRONG



Monday, June 25, 2012

Ferrari Auction for the earthquake victims is OVAAAAAA|main5|dl10|sec3_lnk2%26pLid%3D172858

"The biggest-ticket item is a 599XX track car (pictured above) that went to an American bidder at 1.4 million euros - equivalent to nearly $1.8 million. The car will be signed by Ferrari chairman Luca di Montezemolo and F1 drivers Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, who will deliver the car to its new owner personally at the Italian Grand Prix."

Wait.  I am  an American. Did they value my 7 chewies at 1.8 mill?  Should I be expecting my 599XX at any time, oh no I need to start packing, looks like I am going to the Italian Grand Prix?  Ohh good thing my bow is red, it will match!  I need a driver!!!  Any volunteers?


The best naps happen in


In my momma's arms


Happy dance time!

Jazzy congrats girlie! I am busting out my best moves and grooving on the grove and keeping the beat all for you.

Jazzy got herself a forever family! You go girl.

I am so excited for you and for your two leggeds. I want this glorious feeling to be contagious. I wish everyone at White Dog Cottage could get their own family right now. Can you imagine what a party that would be? Where are the "wanna be adopters"? Everyone within one hundred miles of Suffolk, Va, apply already! Tidewater Bichon Frise Rescue

But for now, we are celebrating Jazzy and her new family. Welcome to our extended family.

Stay in touch, love


Sunday, June 24, 2012

DEAR nonna,


Your daughter, whose name I shall not bark, did all this because she had a "craving" and she is NOT sharing... Speak to her.  and no I do not want the iccky salty peas she calls capers.  I want my own bagel and lox and cream cheese, NOOOO ONIONS or TOMATERS for me.  Make her do it.


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Styllinggggg and profiling DUDE!!!

Dogaddict Anonymous

The first step in fixing a problem is admitting the problem, so with that in mind, congrats, you know you are in the right place.

Please stand and introduce yourself like this:
"Good Evening. My name is ______ and I AM a dogaddict

I would like to welcome all of you to this month's meeting of "Dogaddict Anonymous".  For some of you, this first step was forced on you by a friend or relative [probably a cat lover...] Maybe your attendance is all part of an intervention. I know that many if not most of you think you are ok and that you don't need support. Addictions are hard to admit and deal with, but we are here to help you.

So, let's start by taking a simple test.  I am going to ask a few questions. Three or more yes answers mean that you are are in the right place and we can help you.
  1. When naming family members do you name your dogs first?
  2. Is the word Bitch a normal part of your vocabulary without vernacular connotation? In other words you use it properly?
  3. Did you buy your car based on the comfort level of your dogs?
  4. Do you have more than one car? One for you and one for the dogs?
  5. Do you spend your vacations and holidays going to seminars, shows, specialties, and dog events?
  6. When you finally go on a cruise do you spend hours folding your towels to resemble your dogs?
  7. Is your idea of a  European vacation a trip to London, in March, to attend Crufts?
  8. Do you discuss things, noises, color consistency of bodily excrements  etc, at any time, anywhere with ease even if the discussion would make most coroners leave in disgust?
  9. Do you  instantly understand the meaning of the "Blarbs? UrKa Gurgas... Splats"?
  10. Does your interior design focus on washability, wearability, stain resistance and wipeability?
  11. Do you dress for dog comfort?
  12. Do you own one or more pairs of socks with pictures of dogs, or one of more T shirts with picture of dogs...or one or more bags with picture of dogs?
  13. Do you "invest" in dog jewelery?
  14. Do you spend more on your dog's outfit than you do on yours?
  15. Do you consider carpeting a decorating fail?
  16. Do your decorating color choices match your dogs?
  17. Do you consider crates with privacy cloths as end tables?
  18. If these letters mean anything to you... CD, CDX, UD, CGC, HIC, WC, JH, MH, CH, and OTCH... give yourself 3 points
  19. Is your mail all about dog catalogs, dog magazines, and premium lists?
  20. Do you actually get up before dawn to a. walk the dogs, b.go to Training Classes c.go to Dog Shows, d. Seminars. e. rescue bake sale...???
  21. Do you make clothing choices based on  pockets?
  22. Do those pockets hold treats and toys for your dogs?
  23. Do you make your hair coloring appointments only after you make the grooming arrangements?
  24. Do you cook for your dogs, but make do with a sandwich for yourself?
  25. When you meet a new person do you always ask them what kind of dog they have?
  26. If they have no dog, do you pity them and wonder why they don't?
  27. Do you remember the name of a person's dog sooner than you remember the person?
  28. Do you choose your doctor, lawyer, etc, based on the fact that they have a pet?
  29. Do you find non-dog people vapid?
  30. Is your world divided in two:  DOG OWNERS and ... the rest of them?
If you answered YES to one of the above, you are just toe dipping.
If you answered YES to two, you are in deep
If you answered YES to three or more, you are officially welcomed here- You have come to the right place.
All those with one yes, please leave.
All those with 2, move to the back of the room.
All those with 3 or more yes answers..... WELCOME, come forward, you are chosen people.
Look at each other, smile,  and be smug in the knowledge that you live a rich, meaningful life filled with joy and unconditional love. Some addictions are good.

I come from a family of DOGADDICTS.
Lucky me

Worth watching

Hey world, of course we have feelings... even if they are inconvenient to you at times. Start dealing with that.  EVOLVE already!


Friday, June 22, 2012


Quickest tinkle in history 2.5 minutes

OOppps it is starting to get ugly out there... RAIN? WITH THE SUN  OUT



please, PEOPLE

it's too hot to leave your dog outside

EVEN in the shade. 

EVEN with a bucket of water.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

White Hat Lunch

Yes, they were at it again... The White Hat Society... And I am sure there are more pictures, but this is what I found in momma's camera. I know that place! Been there many times. Momma always eats these tiny shell things there, but daddy gets us crab and we love that. And I have walked that beach many many times. Wonderful smells down there, but don't try and roll in the sand. Makes the two leggeds nuts. So why did momma only take close ups? No pictures of the table? She did not even picture everybody! She must be hiding something. Or she got lazy. In any case, auntie Robin looks great, and who is the dapper dude? Ohhhhhh Ms Janet, he is cute... Does he like little girl Bichons? Hey Timmy, just look at this and you will know where your momma was. Not to complain or anything, but my momma did not bring home any leftovers... 'vie


Some questions are ageless

Thank you auntie Donna.

Animal Telepathy - Schumacher College

Be patient, it takes about a minute or so to get into the topic: And yes I have telepathy. I know when things go on with my family. I just do. So, where do you stand? 'vie

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Art Show Announcement

focus... treats for moi prepared by a chef? I am so there! 'vie

Momma, are you watching this???

Getting any ideas yet? I am just saying... 'vie

No thank you, we pass

No thank you daddy, we pass on that walk offer. It's too hot. Get back in the car, turn on the A/C and let's roll! We are not doing Ghent or any where that has no A/C. I am wearing a fur coat here!!! JD has spoken for all of us. I don't even want to be held I am so hot... In fact, I am hiding right by the vent under the front seat, turn the car on already!!! 'vie

Sunday, June 17, 2012

how to DO the VA beach Boardwalk Art Show

You get into your buggy and you secure a window seat. There are 4 windows and three of us, so no problem.
That is the beach. That is where you want to go. The boardwalk? Forgettttitaboutit. It is full of two leggeds and stuff.  So, later.  You can do that later.  Now we have to convince the daddy to take us there!

Yes daddy, keep walking down that ramp, momma will take a better pic!
Keep walking... keep walking we are almost where we want to be!
Ahh yes the view of the art show is so much better from here!
How momma managed to shop here... I have no clue... but she did...
Yes, she did push the buggy for a bit.
Hey, I smell food and ice water!!!

It was a fantastic day, breezy, not hot, wonderfully sunny and we made lots of people smile when they saw us. And yes, we did some serious PR for rescue. And we answered questions and we posed in our insane cuteness because people wanted pictures of us.

You should come down next year. Worth it. Great father's day. Daddy had fun. Way better than Ackrun!  WAY!!!

We did it all for him... aha... for sure.