Sunday, June 17, 2012

how to DO the VA beach Boardwalk Art Show

You get into your buggy and you secure a window seat. There are 4 windows and three of us, so no problem.
That is the beach. That is where you want to go. The boardwalk? Forgettttitaboutit. It is full of two leggeds and stuff.  So, later.  You can do that later.  Now we have to convince the daddy to take us there!

Yes daddy, keep walking down that ramp, momma will take a better pic!
Keep walking... keep walking we are almost where we want to be!
Ahh yes the view of the art show is so much better from here!
How momma managed to shop here... I have no clue... but she did...
Yes, she did push the buggy for a bit.
Hey, I smell food and ice water!!!

It was a fantastic day, breezy, not hot, wonderfully sunny and we made lots of people smile when they saw us. And yes, we did some serious PR for rescue. And we answered questions and we posed in our insane cuteness because people wanted pictures of us.

You should come down next year. Worth it. Great father's day. Daddy had fun. Way better than Ackrun!  WAY!!!

We did it all for him... aha... for sure.

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