Friday, June 15, 2012

What are dogs thinking? Emory University wants to know.

Emory Study

Look, momma, fine and dandy you want to read up on dogs. Far be it from me to interfere with your pursuit of knowledge. BUT. Please pay attention.

Do you care at all about moi? Do you want to know what I am thinking? Like right now. I am having a major hissy fit because the rabbits yes as in three of them are in our front yard. Tell me, why are the little trespassers allowed to roam free? And they leave poop behind. Ewww I almost stepped in it. Ewwwwwww... I am thinking that you put up that giant fence and yet the rabbits act as if it is not even there.

Also, would you like to know what I think about those pink jeans you bought? Take them back, that's what I think. I mean... as the commercial says "Perhaps they are meant for a younger person?" I am just expressing what I think.

MRIs just to get to know what dogs are thinking... helloooooo, just ask me. I am so willing to share.

I think that anyone who BUYS from a backyard breeder is "teched in da head".

I think that daddy having to drive that long drive every day to go to work is NUTS!

I think that rescue is the only way go. I think that anyone who straps a dog to a car roof has poor judgment and cannot be trusted... they can rationalize anything...

I think that Malandrino black dress is very nice, but not with those strappy sandals. After all, you don't want to end up on that S or S segment on Joan Rivers, do you?

I think that feeding salt to our pool is crazy. Have you tasted the water? It is briny!

I think not giving me my own credit card is crimping my style. How am I supposed to express myself when you won't let me shop?

I think sunless tanners are weird. You people dirty yourself up on purpose... weird.

I think anyone wearing a bad speedo in public should have to buy a shaved ice cone for a dog. You know, as a way of apologizing for the visual assault.

I think we need to get more lamb bones. I think you need to share more. I think.... I think I am tired... I think I have an itch on my tushy.

I think I need a belly rub and a nap...

Just ask me, I will share what I am thinking!

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