Thursday, June 14, 2012

Finally!!!!! Best in Shelter is launched

This is a virtual dog show, where REAL dogs from REAL shelters compete for REAL money.
It's about time world. Let's focus on what really counts. Real HELP. A forever home. Not some stupid title that is a representation of some dirty paper [money] deal derived from some "sponsorship" of nasty commercially produced dog food by people who spend more on advertizing than they do on quality ingredients and safe production. Raise money for the shelters that help and place REAL dogs!  It is such a worthy cause and your participation  is an honor. Please support it. Vote!  Look at the featured dogs!  So... I have theng for Freddie.  Can you blame me?  He is sooo fuzzy wozzy... I voted, and will vote again and again and again... 'cause... Freddie is hot and hey, somebody, take him home!!!
Check out Augie and Holly:

JD is all over Sophie and Lola's pictures... he is such a male... chauvinist pig... and the Wendy has been casting her votes for her one and only... Bo. You know, she likes bigger boys. 'vie


Marshmallow said...

This is so cool! I voted for Gaston. I think we'd make a cute couple, don't you? And with his name, I'm guessing he speaks dog with a French accent, which is soooooo nice.

silvieon4 said...

Ouuu lala... Gaston avec Marsh, c'est magnifique, n'est pas?

Marshmallow said...

I think so!