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Friday, June 15, 2012

Look into my eyes

I know, you are not happy with me right now...

So... I sort of pushed my fat little luck when I left you a present on the rug.

But, momma, look into my eyes. Just look. I love you and you know it. And could you ever imagine a life without me?

Of course not. You know why?  Because we are part of each other.

[did she buy that?  is she over it? do I need to do the sorry look? JD look for me, I can't afford to blink right now...]



NanaNor's said...

Silvie,Girl you got it down with your looks-I'd say it worked. Our little Hunter is somewhat slow to realize he does need to go outside. I love how devoted you are to your mom and how much she loves you. She wouldn't let anyone else have an accident on the carpet, now would she.
Wags, Noreen & Hunter

Unknown said...

hmmm, this seems to be catching -- someone -- I do not know if it was Rocky or Gigi, left not one but TWO "gifts" on the family room floor while I was out this morning.

THIS mama is also not particularly happy right now either

Rocky's mama

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