Sunday, June 3, 2012

Excuse me Ducks, but

I am Silvieon4,

we have some duck friends that we haven't seen yet this year, and I was just wondering if you know anything about them and where they might be. His name is Bill Duckley and her name is Feathers Ducklear. They have been frequent guests at our pool and momma has layed out a duck worthy buffet many times. But this year we have not seen them, yet. I was just wondering if any of you knows them.


[Quite rude, they are not even acknowledging me, let alone answering me....rude]

We have blogged about Bill and Feather, perhaps if you look at their pictures?  [They just turned away! ruuuuuudeee!] You can read about them and see them here:

silvieon4: Open letter to Feather Ducklear and Bill Duckley

 silvieon4: So, guess who came to dinner??

silvieon4: So, guess who came to dinner??

silvieon4: Feather and Bill are back

I would like to know where they are, and I would love to introduce them to a new friend, yes that's what it is my new friend  Emile  Henry ... Really I do.

Well if you hear anything, please let me know.

Like I said, I am Silvieon4, everybody knows me.



Two French Bulldogs said...

We have a feeling they fly someplace else then come back. Patience
Benny & Lily

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